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October 6 2014 to October 12 2014

Monday October 6
Underwear Aware

Dear Jonathan,
What happens when one's Sun and Moon signs are the same? Can I wear my underwear on the outside without anyone noticing or must I wander through life being slightly confused about which is my coat and which is my underwear? Diana

Dear Diana,

You may be less inconsistent than most folk. You may also feel more 'typical' of your Sun sign. But there are 'mixed messages' in every personal birth chart. Even when those messages seemingly agree, they aren't always easy to understand. And your Moon sign represents only one item of psychological 'underwear'.

Tuesday October 7
Optical Illusions

Last weekend, Mercury started slipping backwards through the zodiac. Or rather, it appeared to. Once in a while, for a few weeks at a time, we get a visual anomaly like this. It's only an optical illusion. But, then, so too is a rainbow - and that still causes great excitement. A rainbow makes us think of hidden pots of gold. Retrograde Mercury makes us think of letters going missing, trains being cancelled, deals collapsing and suppliers of key services going on strike. These are the popular traditions. But both, as I shall explain tomorrow, are a bit far-fetched.

Wednesday October 8
Mercury Retr O'Grade

Some folk claim to have met leprechauns. Others, at least from the way they spend their money, would appear to have stumbled on the odd pot of gold. But catching sight of a rainbow is, in itself, no guarantee of great good fortune. Nor, despite what some astrologers seem to delight in saying, is a person doomed to failure if they make a decision during a Mercury retrograde phase. Some, of us may experience frustration with our emails, banks or mobile phones. But for most of us, this is simply a time when plans may need revision and review.

Thursday October 9
Course and Effect

Mercury governs communication. When it is retrograde, it requires us to sort out messes, untie any awkward knots we may have inadvertently created and dispel mists that are lingering in our minds. Mercury retrograde phases call out to us all to stand back and take stock. If you're now wondering whether to cancel anything, back out of anything, drop anything or stop anything... don't! Mercury's path through the zodiac will be back to normal soon enough. Simply stay attentive and apply a little gentle course correction if your journey through life drops you a hint too big to ignore.

Friday October 10
Reading the Signs

Dear Jonathan,
You tell us it is better not to read our Rising and Moon signs in your daily readings. Can't you supply forecasts for those too? I know that would require you to write more but maybe it would reduce your workload in other ways. Helen

Dear Helen, I wish I had your idealism!

Hi Jonathan,
I always read the predictions for my Sun, Moon and Rising sign. They help me understand my evolutionary journey through life. Carole

Dear Carole, You're either a naughty girl or a highly advanced spiritual being. Either way, I still don't recommend this.

Saturday October 11
Your Week Ahead

Sometimes, on a slow day, we may wander into a public building, look around vaguely, then move on. Later, our footsteps lead us back there. What if, on our return, we bump into someone we have long hoped to catch up with? And what if it turns out they have time to spare for us? It's a little coincidental, spontaneous and unplanned. Yet potentially most beneficial. And it's just the kind of magic we can expect, at some point this week, as Mercury's retrograde shuffle takes it back out of Scorpio and into Libra... where it meets up with Venus.

Sunday October 12
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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