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October 13 2014 to October 19 2014

Monday October 13
Life Before Death

Some years ago, I had an operation. On the way to the theatre I saw a big golden gate with beautiful flowers in the garden behind it. As I walked towards the gate to go through and look, the gate shut more or less in my face. As this was an emergency I could not blame it on medication. I had had none. Have you an explanation? Em

Dear Em,
As an astrologer, I am only qualified to comment on life before death... not after it! But I can tell you that I have heard many similar tales.

Tuesday October 14
Born Identity

Dear Jonathan,
Do you ever encounter people who say they were born too soon or not at the right time? Diana

Dear Diana, Yes. But I have never met anyone whose horoscope substantiated such a complaint. The most a birth chart might reveal is a tendency towards debilitating self-doubt. The best an astrologer can do is discourage such melancholic musings.

Hello Jonathan,
Is there any astrological indication about how or if the march of IS extremism will be halted? Lindsay
Dear Lindsay, This is a flame that may not burn itself out for a further decade or so.

Wednesday October 15
Under the Influence

I am often asked if you need to witness an astrological event in order to be influenced by it. The official astrological answer is: no. It affects you just the same, regardless. A more mystical reply might be, 'but if you are lucky enough to view it, you get an extra entitlement to make a wish.' Yet the strongest current cosmic configuration can't be seen by anyone. Mercury, Venus and The Sun are in triple conjunction, rising and setting together so closely that sunlight drowns out the two planets. Nonetheless, it's an auspicious alignment for all with bright visions.

Thursday October 16
Meet and Greet

The Sun and Venus are about to form a conjunction around the 22nd degree of Libra. Mercury recently passed this sign before moving on into Scorpio. It is almost as if it saw a little note saying, 'Venus and the Sun are due to meet up here soon'. Perhaps it gave it a passing glance and wandered further on. But then it woke up one morning thinking, 'I could do with talking to those two.' So it has now doubled back on itself to join them there this week. What might they be discussing? I'll share my idea tomorrow.

Friday October 17
You say You Want an Evolution

Dear Jonathan,
You used to promise world affairs would eventually improve. Such comments have been absent recently and news broadcasts are bleak. Can you give reassurance? Jean

Dear Jean,
I'm reticent to predict the dawn of a golden age this year or next.Evolutions take longer than revolutions. The fearful stories we're hearingin the news these days tally well with what we might expect from the seriesof seven squares between Uranus and Pluto that culminate next year. Thesemay be best thought of as the last gasps of dying dragons. I'm stillpredicting a brighter future.

Saturday October 18
Your Week Ahead

Hot on the heels of the 'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse, earlier this month comes a glorious Solar Eclipse later this week. Though mainly visible from Russia and North America, those who can't see it need not feel short-changed. Eclipses symbolise rebirth and renewal. For individuals and nations alike, they portend the end of old regimes and the start of the new chapters. They also bring moments of choice, where we realise how much power we have over our own destiny. We benefit from an Eclipse whether we witness it or not. But viewing credentials confer additional wishing rights!

Sunday October 19
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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