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October 20 2014 to October 26 2014

Monday October 20
Only One Forecast Per Person Please!

Hello Jonathan, I'm an astrologer. When I cast charts, I always recommend people read the forecasts for their Sun, Rising and Moon signs. Roxanne

Hello Roxanne,
Actually, personally, I don't recommend this!

Hi Jonathan, Can you explain why you don't recommend reading Rising and Moon sign forecasts, rather than just saying you don't? Crystal

Hi Crystal,
I'll turn to this topic in detail next week.

Jonathan, What does it mean when your Moon, Sun and Rising sign are the same sign? I've got all three in Scorpio. Marylin

One thing it means is that you are definitely entitled to read the Scorpio forecast!

Tuesday October 21
Aspects of Aspects

Hi Jonathan,
You suggested that people shouldn't read the forecast for their Moon sign or Rising sign. When asked why, you were dismissive. Which leads me to wonder why the forecasts for Taurus and Libra plus Gemini and Virgo wouldn't be identical? Aren't the first pair both ruled by Venus and the second by Mercury? How can aspects to the same planet generate different results? Linda

Hi Linda,
I've long waited for someone to ask this. I'll tackle it soon. Meanwhile, tomorrow I'll try to justify my prescription of one prediction per day.

Wednesday October 22

Dear Jonathan,
I was born in May but I read the predictions for every sign as I find this gives me better perspective. Janine

Dear Janine,
Really? All twelve? I find it hard to imagine how anyone can take three potentially different messages to heart each day, let alone twelve! I'd personally find this challenging... but your letter does help me to explain why I don't encourage people to read the predictions for their Moon signs and Rising signs as well as their Sun signs. I've got more to say on this topic. I'll return to it after tomorrow's Solar Eclipse.

Thursday October 23
Solar Eclipse

For those fortunate enough to live where it will be visible, a Solar Eclipse is coming. But the rest of us need not consider ourselves unfortunate. A Solar Eclipse represents a moment of recognition followed by the chance to change the trajectory of a plan. We will all be blessed, somehow, by such an experience. We'll gain a glimpse of 'what could go wrong' and we'll understand how to make sure these problems are averted. Those who actually witness the eclipse may find their revelations occur in widescreen, surround-sound Technicolor but none of us will miss this movie!

Friday October 24
Post Eclipalictic

After a Solar Eclipse, the world doesn't become dramatically different. Or at least, it doesn't unless you've just been in the great outdoors, observing the effect of the sudden darkness on wildlife. Then, in an instant, you grasp the symbolic meaning of this event. It can be summarised in two questions. "What if something we took for granted were to let us down?" followed by "And what if, soon after we began taking our worst fears seriously, it all proved to be a false alarm." False alarms for us all, this weekend, eventually give way to real re-assurance.

Saturday October 25
Your Week Ahead

This week brings the end of Mercury's recent retrograde phase and, with it, an opportunity for us to expand the body of astrological knowledge. Some of my colleagues would say the moment the communication planet changes direction, delays and difficulties clear up. Others say we may have to wait till around November 10 when Mercury returns to the position it occupied before it 'lost ground.' If you've spent most of October waiting for something to happen (or to change), let me know when you experience a return to normal. I'll monitor the feedback and let this inform future predictions.

Sunday October 26
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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