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October 27 2014 to November 2 2014

Monday October 27
Moon Units

Hello Jonathan,
I've found my Moon Sign has become more significant as I've gotten older. I think this is because I relate my Sun Sign to my personality and my Moon Sign to my deeper inner self. This maybe because most of us seem less concerned with what people think about us (personality) as we get older, and become more comfortable with who we truly (deeper) are. So sometimes I read both. Arté

Hello Arté,
Our Moon signs are, indeed, very important. But if I was writing forecasts based on people's moon signs, I'd phrase some things very differently.

Tuesday October 28
Ruler Rules

Dear Jonathan,
A reader recently asked why, given that Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus while Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury, the forecasts for these signs shouldn't always be the same. Surely, the answer is that, although ruled by Mercury, Virgo being an Earth sign expresses this restlessness as having to be purposeful, whereas Gemini, being Air, wants to express it through communication. Venus is harmony but Taurus, as an Earth sign, puts physicality first while airy Libra pursues it through balanced ideas. Kath

Dear Kath,
That's one good answer. I'll share another tomorrow.

Wednesday October 29
More Rules on Rulership

I recently received a letter I've been waiting for for three decades, since I began writing Sun sign predictions. It concerns the tradition of 'sign rulership.' Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury. Taurus and Libra share an equally important relationship with Venus. "So," asked one reader, "If a forecast is informed by the position and condition of a sign's ruler, why don't Virgo and Gemini get one prediction while another covers Libra and Taurus?" I wish I had space to print a million words. And time to write them. For now, try this: it's not that simple!

Thursday October 30
Notes and Queries

Some more words today, that may simultaneously explain why I recommend against reading more than one forecast per day plus why my predictions for Gemini and Virgo aren't the same, even though these signs share a ruling planet, as do Libra and Taurus. Being a Sun sign astrologer is like being a one-fingered pianist. Of course I could play full chords if I only had the use of other fingers. But tapping out a clear tune in such a restricted way requires a special technique. It's intuitive and personal and somehow involves redefining rules that might bind a classicist.

Friday October 31
Spookily Accurate

Hallowe'en is not an astrological event. The closest it comes to traditional, seasonal mythology is the suggestion that it reflects the values of the old pagan festival 'Samhain' (pronounced so the 'mh' sounds like a 'w'.) Samhain may have once been linked to lunations but for the last two thousand years, it has been bound to the conventional Solar calendar. Thus, some years it happens at Full Moon and sometimes (this year for example) it doesn't! Nonetheless, it means a lot to many so I've taken the liberty of using suitably spooky images to illustrate my predictive points.

Saturday November 1
Your November Monthly Forecast

People don't learn and grow unless they are encouraged to explore new possibilities. For as long as we think we're fine as we are, with most things remaining much as they have been, we can all carry on with our old vices and bad habits, ignoring all we might prefer not to see and avoiding all our opportunities to introduce change for the better. In November, conjunctions to Saturn, from The Sun, Venus and Mercury, effectively invite us to think about where we might have drawn lines that may now need to be erased and replaced with better boundaries.

Sunday November 2
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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