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November 3 2014 to November 9 2014

Monday November 3
Change of Neptune

November brings the long-awaited end of Neptune's recent retrograde phase. If some find life tricky when a small planet of communication goes through a brief time of apparent impediment, imagine how much trickier it must be when similar conditions, for months on end, affect a gas giant that traditionally governs the capacity of humans to deceive themselves! It's potentially even trickier because, often, we deceive ourselves into deciding there's nothing different happening! Mercury's reverse phase finished last week. That, plus the coming Full Moon and the new Neptunian situation, all imply greater clarity and freedom from false fear.

Tuesday November 4
Prism Sentences

Dear Jonathan,
So you advise us not to read your forecasts for rising and moon signs, how come the advice they give is so accurate then? I'm in no hurry to give up reading them. Debbie

Dear Debbie, I'm not saying don't. Just, 'I don't recommend it.'

Hi Jonathan,
Your prediction for each sign, I assume, is seen through the prism of the Sun, NOT the Moon or rising sign. Barbara

Hi Jonathan,
It already takes full effort to understand one forecast. If I tried to read two more, I'd have a headache! Diana

Dear Barbara, Dear Diana, Indeed!

Wednesday November 5
Fulfilling Ambition

Mars and Pluto don't complete their biennial conjunction till shortly after the Full Moon but they are now close enough to count as 'live'. I'm inclined to say this alignment chiefly influences those born when the Sun was in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn (the latter because this is where the conjunction occurs.) I'll concede, in deference to the debate we've recently been having here, that the event also matters (in different ways) to those born with Moon or Ascendant in these signs. But, actually, I think we'll all find the theme of the next few days involves 'fulfilled ambitions.'

Thursday November 6
Bull Moon

The Moon is Full. Again. Isn't this just something that happens once every 28 days? Yet each of these heavenly apparitions heralds the emergence of a drama in someone's life somewhere. Each adds high octane fuel to some engine driven by passion. Each lends sizzle to a celebration, energy to an ambition, courage to a campaign, adventure to a venture. Each takes a tide of emotion and allows it to swell a little higher. And tonight's Full Moon in Taurus, involving a Sun conjunct Venus in square to Jupiter? It may yet set a lot of hearts on fire!

Friday November 7
Moon full but not fully full

The Moon remains full, though most people, in places, will find that, by the time they read this, the Moon is no longer fully full. It reached (or reaches) the point of total opposition to the Sun at 22.23 Universal Time on Thursday. Thus it was full mid-afternoon yesterday in California, around bedtime last night in Europe and will be full just in time for breakfast Down Under. Wherever we are on Earth, it will be 'past full' tonight. But not so far past full that we can relax our guard against werewolves, vampires and inebriated revellers till Saturday.

Saturday November 8
Your Week Ahead

Mercury, this week, returns to where it was before its recent retrograde phase began. Think of it as some enthusiastic orator, midway through a monologue, obliged to cease while security evict some belligerent heckler. The throat clears and, with "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted..." it is off again, back on track as if no diversion, disruption or delay had ever occurred. The retrograde phase may have ended a couple of weeks ago but the recovery phase is only now picking up pace. For all with agendas to progress, it should be a good week.

Sunday November 9
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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