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November 10 2014 to November 16 2014

Monday November 10
Sign on the Line

Dear Jonathan,
You say you don't recommend reading more than one prediction but I'm an Aquarian born on the day that my sign begins. So I often find myself reading the forecast for Capricorn, too. Tristan

Dear Tristan,
Despite what you may have heard or read, there are no 'hybrids'. We all belong to just one Sun sign, no matter how close to the beginning or end of that sign our birthday falls. You can check which side of the cusp you were born on here.

Tuesday November 11

Dear Jonathan,
You told us a while ago to let you know when things seemed to start moving again after Mercury's recent retrograde phase. If it helps your research, I can tell you they distinctly began to improve around November 5. For the whole month of October everything has been incredibly still and stagnant. Raffaela

Dear Jonathan,
I read the other week that you wanted to know when people felt like the retrograde planets started going forward again. I finally felt like things changed for the better today. Renee

Dear All,
Renee's email, interestingly, also arrived on November 5.

Wednesday November 12
On the Road Again

Hi Jonathan,
You asked to hear about any Mercury retrograde issues that continued after October 25. I had classic symptoms. Car problems (the alternator and a jammed driver door). After a man came to service my boiler, it broke down. There's a major traffic diversion in my area, the lights in my office fused and I've had endless parcels going astray and misdirected emails. Pauline

Hi Pauline,
If others got off relatively lightly, now we know why. You had their share of the trouble! But by now, even the last remnants of that phase should be over for all.

Thursday November 13
Positive Choices

Venus forms a conjunction to Saturn today, just as Mars completes a right angle to Uranus. That's a constructive cosmic convergence. Because this 'square' between Mars and Uranus happens so soon after Monday's conjunction of Mars and Pluto, it effectively reawakens the sleeping energy of the current series of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto. The next exact iteration of this alignment will occur in December. The last will take place in March 2015. People across the globe are having to decide whether their most positive beliefs are more powerful than their fears... and make choices accordingly!

Friday November 14
Mercury Metrograde

I felt slightly nervous when, some weeks ago, I asked for feedback about the end of Mercury's retrograde phase. Shouldn't an astrologer be making definitive statements, not looking for clues? But I have long felt that the textbooks don't tally with what I'm observing. And I'm in a perfect place to cross-check some traditional 'received wisdom'. Tina Marie has written in to say she didn't begin to get over last month's retrograde phase till Saturday. And Lawrence only got his car back from the garage this Monday! That's longer than some astrologers might expect. I'm glad I asked.

Saturday November 15
Your Week Ahead

Neptune's long awaited change of direction takes place this week. Well, I say 'long awaited' but actually, we have only been waiting for this since June. And I say 'change of direction' but actually, planets don't ever change direction. They just appear to do so due to the speed of their movement relative to that of the Earth. I don't, you'll be glad to hear, have any more statements to make in one sentence, then retract in the next. You'll be even more glad to hear that Neptune's change of direction makes U-turns less likely for us all.

Sunday November 16
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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