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November 17 2014 to November 23 2014

Monday November 17
Letter From Rosetta

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is not, under normal circumstances, the kind of astral apparition I get excited about when preparing predictions. For a comet to qualify as a true herald of hope, it must be visible to the naked eye for a significant number of Earth's inhabitants. Sadly, few such heavenly visitors ever achieve such spectacular status. Yet you could argue that by successfully depositing Rosetta's lander, Philae, on the surface of this distant iceball, The European Space Agency has placed this cosmic symbol in front of all our eyes. I'll say more, soon, about what this may portend.

Tuesday November 18
Mission Improbable

It is fashionable, amongst conspiracy theorists these days, to doubt whether the Apollo Moon landings actually happened. But this was an exciting part of my childhood and I'm in no hurry to be unconvinced. It always seemed 'only just believable', just as it seems now a spacecraft has landed on a comet. I was too young, back then, to know what my own future interest would be but I've since asked older colleagues whether they felt anything changed after the moonwalks. Tomorrow I'll share their answers, which may also say something about the 'meaning' of the Rosetta mission.

Wednesday November 19

When people first walked on the Moon, some wondered whether this spelled the end of astrology. Didn't this negate the mystery and potency of that celestial symbol? It didn't. But some of my older colleagues have suggested that it undermined a fatalistic tradition. If we humans can assert such power over a heavenly object, perhaps we can assert a similar right to choose our own destiny, regardless of what sign or house it may be in. And as the Moon governs emotion, those landings could be seen as a suggestion that humans potentially have power over their own feelings.

Thursday November 20
Power to the People

Astrologers shouldn't read too much symbolic meaning into the technical difficulties that beset the recent Rosetta mission but we probably can allow them to inspire a prediction. Lighter, longer-lasting power packs will be developed soon! Scientists won't want the batteries to fail so fast on future projects. As for whether comets carry the essentials for human existence, most people below the age of 20 might immediately infer that this cannot possibly be the case! In my experience, the only 'essential question' that they ever want an answer to is, 'Can I connect with the internet from here?'

Friday November 21
Dark of the Moon

We are entering the Dark of The Moon. Once a month, every month, for two or three nights, no Moon can be seen. Such times are often marked, in diaries and calendars as 'New Moon' but what you and I might call a New Moon is the first sliver of moonlight that becomes visible after this. That won't come till Monday night but over the next few days, we should all be able to detect far more stars in the area where the Moon is missing. Interestingly, many psychics and mystics report deeply enhanced inner vision at times like this.

Saturday November 22
Your Week Ahead

Mercury's conjunction to Saturn is beneficial to many this week, in so far as it allows complicated arguments to be properly understood and thus clear cases to be made. But we must all watch for a tendency to jump to conclusions and accept statements, made with an air of authority, as incontrovertible. Meanwhile, an antagonistic alignment between Mars and Jupiter speaks of disproportionate energy being invested in futile pursuits and fool's errands being embarked upon. But as long as we all remain a little wary, most of us will benefit enormously from the events of the next few days.

Sunday November 23
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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