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December 1 2014 to December 7 2014

Monday December 1
Moon Fill

Hi Jonathan,
I read that Nostradamus predicted Obama would be America's last President because there would then be no more USA. I wouldn't be surprised. You can almost hear the USA ripping apart. Rachel

Dear Rachel,
I have been listening carefully to the USA for decades. It has always sounded like this! Oh, and Nostradamus never mentioned Obama.

Dear Jonathan,
I understand how physical 'access' to the moon could help us have power over our emotions but was dismayed to learn how much rubbish has been left on it. Will this affect us? Lynda

Dear Lynda, That's just rubbish!

Tuesday December 2
Barking at the Moon

It seems like only yesterday I was writing about the Dark of the Moon. Now, we're fast approaching the Full Moon, as you will soon see if you look up later. That, I suppose, is the very nature of time, the way that it flies and the way we measure its passing by lunar phases. Whilst rationalists love to scoff at the idea that events in heaven are connected to events on earth, we must ask why else whoever created this world constructed such a perfect visual calendar? But then many such folk are similarly dismissive of intelligent design!

Wednesday December 3
Creative Pray

Dear Jonathan,
Do you realise that when you mention prayer you alienate atheists? Some of us do not believe that we need to look outside ourselves to find answers. I would have thought that you, of all people, would understand this. Nola

Dear Nola,
Oh dear. Would that be the case, too, if I were to mention the idea that the universe had a Creator? What about if I were to suggest that it created itself? Or that the energy that created the universe is within each of us? Or that when we pray, we effectively pray to ourselves?

Thursday December 4
More Things in Heaven and Earth...

'Scientists have not proved a link between events in heaven and on earth but how hard have they looked? Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.' My thanks to Duncan for this point. Meanwhile, Dougie wonders, 'If humans can use space craft to assert power over heavenly objects, perhaps we can assert a similar right to choose our own destiny, regardless of what our horoscopes say.' Indeed. Perhaps the reason most of us don't do much choosing is because we tend to follow the path of least resistance. That's also the path that birth charts tend to highlight!

Friday December 5
Fate With Date

Dear Jonathan,
You recently used the phrase 'the year is coming to a close'. But you base the readings you give on an individual's date of birth. Surely then my year will end on my birthday. Others' years will end on theirs. So why do you stick with the convention of the calendar? David

Dear David,
Touché, as they say in Quebec and Cameroon. I agree there's no astrological basis for the conventional calendar. But there's significant psychological importance in a system of measuring time that millions have been taught to believe in. Astrologers ignore this at their peril.

Saturday December 6
Your Week Ahead

Once a year, Jupiter turns retrograde. For a few months, the planet of optimism and expansion then appears to retrace its steps through the zodiac. Whilst Pisceans and Sagittarians are most sensitive to this, we all become more prone to believe the tales of doom and gloom that we hear in the news. When people paint pessimistic pictures, we feel less easily able to refute these. Yet the cosmic purpose of Jupiter's change of direction is simply to stimulate a process of reflection and review so that risks can be realistically assessed and safeguards can be set in motion.

Sunday December 7
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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