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December 8 2014 to December 14 2014

Monday December 8
Theisticking Points

Hi, Jonathan,
Further to your comments concerning the influence of bodies in space and intelligent design; are these ideas inherently linked? Surely someone who doesn't believe in intelligent design could still accept that our lives are affected by the planets. There must be plenty of atheistic and agnostic astrologers and plenty of theistic scholars who don't accept astrology. I wouldn't want to alienate the former group by catering too heavily to the latter. I hope you wouldn't, either. Beth

Dear Beth,
Well put. Although if, by theistic, you mean Christian, what about the three kings who followed a star?

Tuesday December 9
Mixed Messages

Today the reading for my sign said: 'If a message keeps repeating, there is probably a very good reason to heed it and act on it.' I am normally very good at heeding my own thoughts but I have a new, difficult job and am currently receiving conflicting messages from myself! The more repetitive thought is 'run' but occasionally I think, 'perhaps I CAN make a difference and be a success'. Who to trust? Jules

Dear Jules, If you're giving yourself mixed messages, trust them both! Stay in the room... but keep a clear route to the door!

Wednesday December 10
Ask the Stylo Guru

Dear Jonathan,
Before our wedding, my bride-to-be gave me an expensive pen. For 16 years I kept it in my pocket at work and left it on the bedside table overnight. Last year, I left my pen on my desk just for moments. It vanished. I searched everywhere. A colleague who lost a valuable around that time suspected an office boy had been stealing. But last year when we put up our Christmas tree, my son found it among the decorations. Can you explain this? Is this a good omen? Robin

Dear Robin,
I can't. But it is!

Thursday December 11
Star Quality

Hi Jonathan,
We are told that when we look at the stars in the sky, they have actually burnt out. If that is the case, how come we can still identify constellations all these centuries later? Will there ever be a time when we can't identify them in the night sky? Maxine

Hi Maxine,
Starlight can take a long time to cross the cosmos so, once in a while, we may find ourselves witnessing the last hooray of some long-since imploded star. But by far the majority of those heavenly lights are still very much alive and active.

Friday December 12
Virgin Meditteranean

Dear Jonathan,
'They' state Jesus was born of a virgin birth. Is it possible the original transcripts were misconstrued? Maybe he was a Virgo? Jenna

Dear Jenna, It was popular, in that part of the world back then, to make such a claim for the mother of a key religious figure. See Isis and Osiris.

Dear Jonathan,
Some people say that the 'Star of Bethlehem' was actually Jupiter stationary, as it is around now, in conjunction with Venus and Mars. Shelley

Dear Shelley, There was indeed a notable conjunction around that time. But I suspect the comet of 5BC.

Saturday December 13
Your Week Ahead

This week brings the sixth in a series of seven rare, powerful right angles between Uranus and Pluto. The first took place in June 2012. The final alignment occurs in March next year. It is as if a sleepy world is now being blessed with a wake-up call. But just as we don't all give thanks for our alarm clocks when we first hear them ringing in the morning, some of us may be looking at the events and circumstances that are demanding our attention and feeling inclined to resist or resent these. Yet the cosmic implication is delightfully positive.

Sunday December 14
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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