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December 22 2014 to December 28 2014

Monday December 22
Bright Idea

Librans can see two sides to every story. Geminis have two sides to their personalities. Aquarians are soft on the outside, strong on the inside. These are the zodiac's air signs, eagle-eyed with butterfly minds. They'll happily tell you what they think. They'll persuade you to take their side. Yet secretly they'll never be sure which side they stand on. 2014's cosmic climate has seemingly clipped their wings. For Christmas (or in honour of today's solstice) give them a candle. Suggest it will burn ever brighter in the fresh breeze that's soon due to blow their way.

Tuesday December 23
Fire For the Water

Scorpios have lightning-fast reactions. Cancerians have X-ray vision. Pisceans can slip past any guarded door. If this sounds more like a list of super-powers than astrological attributes, wait till you hear how the zodiac's water signs love racing to the rescue of the vulnerable, even if this involves defying evil tyrants. But they don't do this wearing lycra capes and onesies. The water signs stand for subtlety, discretion and taste. A candle for Christmas is the perfect gift to show your faith in their ability to shed the light of wisdom far and wide in 2015.

Wednesday December 24
No Clause For Concern

Dear Jonathan,
How can I read my forecast when I don't know when I was born? I feel as if people are starting to doubt me and this is making me doubt myself. (Name and address withheld)

Dear Santa,
It sounds as if you've been subjected to a dose of icy scrutiny from Professor Richard Dawkins and his gang of sceptics. But this is not a time of year for anyone to be suffering existential angst. No matter what sign you belong to, you must believe in yourself. Then others will believe in you and all will be well.

Thursday December 25
Christmas Cheer

Not everyone, today, is celebrating Christmas. Even amongst those who are following that tradition, there are some for whom the season is sad. Those, for example, who can no longer be with the people who once shared their celebrations. Or those who might secretly wish to be somewhere else, with someone else. Or who have stretched their wallets too far to keep up seasonal expectations and who secretly dread the bills to follow. Whether you're loving this day or just struggling to get through it, please know that 2015 is due to be a brighter year than many expect.

Friday December 26

Over Christmas, Saturn slipped into a different zodiac sign. Once every couple of years or so, this happens but I'm always cautious about mentioning it. I see so many websites suggesting that those into whose sign Saturn has now come can expect affliction, struggle and strife. I see letters too, from people who seem to feel sure they can blame all their woes on Saturn and that nothing will improve till it goes. Yet it's really not such a problem to have Saturn in your sign. In many ways it can be a great blessing. I'll explain more soon.

Saturday December 27
Your Week Ahead

Some believe there is a grey area around the time when one sign is ending and the next has yet to begin. Astrologers deny this. The signs are like rooms. People are either on one side of the door or the other. Yet you can see how the idea has come about if you consider the feeling we get at a time like this when 2014 is nearly over, and the tentacles of 2015 are calling us forward like seafarers' sirens. Yet, all we can do, during this betwixt-and-between time, is make the most of every moment.

Sunday December 28
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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