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February 3 2014 to February 9 2014

Monday February 3
Clairvoyant's Blessing

As we emerge from the weekend's Dark of the Moon, the mystical mood may be starting to wear off... but the sky provides early risers with a nice chance to see why this phenomenon has become known as the Clairvoyant's Blessing. If you happen to see that tiny toenail clipping of a Moon rise under a clear sky, look at the stars visible close by. Now imagine how difficult it would be to see these if the Moon were any brighter. 'Revealing what lies hidden in plain sight' is always the symbolic inference of the Dark of The Moon.

Tuesday February 4
Horse Play

Did the New Year begin on January 1, when the calendar told us 2014 had just begun? Or did it begin last weekend, with the start of the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse? Both events took place under a New Moon. Auspicious charts can be cast for either occasion. But as we're now seeing the end of a retrograde phase for Venus plus the imminent start of a similar phase for Mercury, the horoscope of Chinese New Year offers somewhat more 'interesting' symbolism. Here comes a time when many may find their lives undergoing a change of direction.

Wednesday February 5
Potted Plant Post

Finally, I heard back from Isabel, who told us about her mysteriously moving potted plant. She says, 'I decided to leave it where it had been taken to for ten days, then moved it back. It is still there. I live in an upstairs maisonette with communal gardens. So I do have neighbours nearby. The readings are all interesting. One says I am stuck in one place. That's very true. And I'd love the suggestion of an unseen gentleman admirer to be true.' But apparently, there's been no sign of him yet. I'll ask her to keep us posted!

Thursday February 6
Mercury Retro-Glaze

Dear Jonathan
I need to have windows replaced on my house. I'd like the work scheduled sooner rather than later. But Mercury goes retrograde this weekend doesn't it? Is this best postponed till Mercury goes direct again? Susan
Dear Susan,

Whilst Mercury retrograde can cause delays with contracts, and communication processes, these are normally at their most intense at times like now when, just prior to the retrograde phase, Mercury becomes apparently stationary. But as all retrograde phases symbolise a chance to review the past and improve the future, next week onwards is a fine time to have your windows fixed.

Friday February 7
Past Life

Dear Jonathan,
Do you agree that retrograde planets in the birth chart are associated with references to the past life? Harutyun

Dear Harutyun,
Even if we really do have 'past lives' and could know what these were, how could this information help any of us? I'm also uncomfortable with the implication that if life isn't as you wish, you can just stop trying and wait till you get another! Isn't it better to seek the best in all that is on offer in the only life you can ever be sure of... the one that you're living right now?

Saturday February 8
Your Week Ahead

The end of the week brings a Full Moon on Valentine's Day. Is that an auspicious romantic omen? Artists and film directors seem to think so. What better background to set against a courting couple than a glowing globe rising high against a curtain of twinkling stars. Yet, astrologers know that while powerful passions can definitely get unleashed at such times, we have also seen how Full Moons can exacerbate tension and dispute. There may not be much to draw from the well of forgiveness later this week but the pan of passion may yet give forth much steam!

Sunday February 9
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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