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February 10 2014 to February 16 2014

Monday February 10
Tension and Release

Dear Jonathan,
There is a Full Moon on Valentine's Day. Many people seem to have been going through an awful phase lately, including my fellow Leos. Will we return to normal after this? Or will we end up howling at the moon? Lucie

Dear Lucie,
I'm not sure that, in this rapidly changing world, any of us know what 'normal' is any more. I definitely don't think the recent Leo outlook has been 'awful', though I agree it has had its challenges. But after that Full Moon has created a nice visual backdrop for trysts, much tension will dissipate.

Tuesday February 11
Date with Fate

Dear Jonathan,
Yesterday, I was thinking a lot about my father who died 31 years ago. Then I realised it was his birthday. I have had several such experiences. And in an unrelated incident, I recently stood outside a building and noticed a plaque above the door with the date on which a 16th-century general had been shot on that spot. Moments later, walking away, I realised that the date was the anniversary of this event. Antony

Dear Antony,
I suspect we're all more psychic than we know. I wonder if other readers have similar stories to share?

Wednesday February 12

Dear Jonathan,
I really want to do well at school and in my exams but I'm finding it terribly difficult. My mind is constantly cluttered. There is lots of pressure to be more organised and responsible. I am a Cancerian, aged 14. Steven

Dear Steven,
That's not a Cancerian trait, that's something everyone wrestles with. But we all find different ways to pull our minds into focus and develop discipline. Perhaps I should write a series outlining the best method for each sign. For Cancerians, the ideal technique involves dedicating all your efforts to someone you truly care about!

Thursday February 13
Tine Travel

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. If you haven't yet posted a card, do it now and it may just get there in the nick of time. By tomorrow, you'll need a Tardis to achieve the desired result! Unless, that is, you've also forgotten to buy the flowers and book the restaurant. Then, to rescue your relationship, you will have to rely on the power of the Full Moon. Fortunately, no other heavenly event is quite so capable of awakening romantic hope. By Friday night, the world may be full of people who are willing to believe the most unlikely excuses.

Friday February 14
Valentine Time

If you forgot to send someone a Valentine's card yesterday, perhaps you're now wishing that you had a time machine. Then you could return to the past and fix that oversight. Sadly, I've only got one of these machines and I'm not allowed to lend it out. But I'll do the next best thing for you. I'll go back there myself and put a reminder in yesterday's introduction. Beyond belief? No more so than several other things that some of us will hear (and, in some cases, become surprisingly willing to accept) before this weekend's Full Moon is over.

Saturday February 15
Your Week Ahead

Mercury is still slipping slowly backwards through the zodiac, to the point where it has now returned to a sign it left last month. Anyone who now holds a strong opinion about anything may find this week's cosmic climate obliges them to wonder if they can be quite so sure of what they once believed. As we edge towards the end of the month, a sharp alignment from Jupiter to Uranus echoes much the same theme. I'm sure of this. Or at least, as sure as I can be in a week when nobody is quite sure of anything!

Sunday February 16
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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