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February 17 2014 to February 23 2014

Monday February 17
Spirits and the Sky

Hi Jonathan,
I'm a budding ghost hunter and I was wondering if spirits and apparitions are affected by the movement of the planets. Or are there any special alignments where evidence of the afterlife will become more noticeable. John

Dear John,

Well, they say that during the two or three days each month when we enter the dark of the moon, the 'veil between the realms' grows more flimsy and I know that some mediums report greater sensitivity then. But please don't take my saying this as either an endorsement (or a refutation) of the existence of such phenomena.

Tuesday February 18
Three Little Words

Hello Jonathan,
I liked Stephen's recent question about how to be more organised. I'm a Sagittarian who'd also like such advice. Victoria

Dear Jonathan,

I've recently been trying to meditate while walking, repeating three words to myself to 'quieten' my mind. It is difficult. In a 45-minute walk I probably manage no more than ten minutes. We all wrestle with the need to concentrate. I'm a Virgo. Ange

Dear Both,

I'll work on a mini-series. Meanwhile, I'd welcome more letters like Ange's so I can share suggestions. PS: Ange, Ten minutes is impressive! What ARE those words?

Wednesday February 19
Visible Venus

Dear Jonathan,
I live in Dublin, Ireland and the past couple of mornings, just before sunrise there is a very bright star or planet in the sky. What is it? It's really beautiful! Frances

Dear Frances,
It is Venus, currently taking time off from its more famous role as the 'evening star' to put in shifts at its other job: Herald of the Dawn. It's just as visible, at about the same time of the morning, in Dorchester, Delhi, Durban and Darwin. That's the clever thing about planets. When they're visible, you can see them from pretty much anywhere.

Thursday February 20
Reverse Prognosis

Dear Jonathan,
Why are Geminis described as extrovert and gregarious? I'm the opposite. Kathy

Dear Kathy,
I never describe Geminis this way. I just say they are often prone to ask 'why?'

Hi Jonathan, I'm expecting a grandson soon but Mercury is retrograde. Are there any positives here? Lynda

Hi Lynda, Where have you heard that this is disadvantageous? I have Mercury retrograde in my own birth chart and am sure it's a blessing. Although I suppose that could be the effect of the communication planet in reverse causing me to communicate the reverse of what most people communicate.

Friday February 21
Cosmic Plan

Dear Jonathan,
Several years ago I was a successful businessman lunching with two friends who were struggling. As we left the restaurant I had a premonition that our positions would be reversed. This later happened. Does this mean our lives are mapped out for us, no matter what the stars say? Oliver

Dear Oliver,

Who says that this wasn't precisely what the stars were saying all along? Astrologers gain insight into the grand cosmic plan by reading the heavens. Psychics can sometimes attain equally relevant insights. But I'd be slightly worried that your vision didn't inadvertently create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Saturday February 22
Your Week Ahead

Towards the end of the week, Mercury reaches the end of its recent retrograde phase while Jupiter completes an alignment that it has been slowly moving into for some while as it fully forms a right angle (or square) to the planet Uranus. The former development suggests imminent improvement in all areas where contractual negotiations have been difficult or commercial transactions have been delayed. The second speaks of radical innovation, brilliant invention and a challenge to tradition. For rebels and revolutionaries, as well as for those who seek technological breakthroughs, long overdue change may soon be on the way.

Sunday February 23
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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