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February 24 2014 to March 2 2014

Monday February 24
Meditation Conversation

Hi Jonathan,
Like the reader who had a problem with meditation, regardless of whether I focus on my breathing, repeat a phrase or stare at a candle, I cannot stay awake. I feel I am failing. Margaret

Dear Jonathan,
Repeating a phrase works for me but I find it easier to notice my thoughts coming and going. Eventually they stop. Then, there is just me. Ranger

Dear All, How can there really be 'success' or 'failure' with meditation? Surely it is just a wonderful thing to attempt. And when we fall asleep, isn't it because we need that most?

Tuesday February 25
It's Only Words

Hi Jonathan,
You recently published my letter about the three little words I say when I want to enter a meditative state. You then wondered what those words were. They are: 'calm, creative, focus'. I came up with this while walking and listening to a relaxation CD called Illumination For Creative Focus. I added the word 'calm' in the hope it might quieten my mind. Sometimes too, I visualise a 'happy place' where my son and I snorkel with turtles. Angela

Dear Jonathan, I also meditate on three little words. In my case, they are: 'Be... Here... Now...' Beth

Wednesday February 26
Poetry in Motion

We are reaching the end of Mercury's retrograde phase. The communication planet has moved only a few 'minutes of longitudinal arc' between yesterday and today. It will cover even less ground between now and the weekend. Well, when I say less ground, I mean less space! But, here in the realm of astrology, poetry proves more powerful than pedantry. Imagine Mercury as a train reversing into a buffer, then trundling ahead once more. Though it won't be till March 21 before it gets back to where it was on February 7, some can feel the sense of change already!

Thursday February 27
Road to Somewhere

Mercury is now moving so slowly that, if it were an open-backed bus, you could run alongside and hop on. Now of course, there's a difference between a planet and a bus. One takes you from place to place, whereas... hmmm.... This planet we're on right now is doing that too but we can only tell by studying the night sky. Mercury never truly grinds to a halt. The 'stopping' is an optical illusion. But astrologers have noticed that it often coincides with 'Mercurial processes' such as negotiation and education seemingly slowing down. At times like this, they regenerate!

Friday February 28
Dark of the Moon

We are now in the Dark Of The Moon, the special time each month when there's no moon to be seen in the night sky. It's when many psychics, sensitives and mediums report enhanced abilities. Even those who don't believe themselves born blessed with such powers often get vivid dreams, odd premonitions or 'feelings in their bones.' And just as some people find, at Full Moon, that even small amounts of alcohol are more intoxicating than usual, this time just before New Moon can make us prone to feeling overwhelmed by emotions we might normally take in our stride.

Saturday March 1
Your March Monthly Forecast

Early in March, both Jupiter and Mercury reach the end of their recent retrograde phases. Saturn, meanwhile, begins one! Ambitious projects that have been delayed or impeded can now be set back on the right track. Regulations and protocols that have been seemingly standing in the way of progress can be - if not entirely overcome - at least circumnavigated. Here's a month when much justice will be done and many wrongs will be set right. That's not just good for campaigners. It's good for all who have started to lose faith in the idea that life can ever be fair.

Sunday March 2
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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