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December 29 2014 to January 4 2015

Monday December 29
Missing Links

Dear Jonathan,
Following on from letters you have recently shared, my father had a pair of cuff-links given to him by a man whose life he had saved. He later passed them to my son who, proud of his grandfather, treasured them. A few weeks after moving house, he realised he did not know where they were and he searched everywhere. The next day his toddler daughter kept picking up a toy and bringing it to him. This happened several times, then she came back again. This time she had no toy, it was the cuff-links. Janet

Tuesday December 30
Ring Back Later

Dear Jonathan,
When my husband and I separated, I put my wedding ring on the bathroom basin, said he could have it back, then left. Later, I asked what he had done with it. He said he hadn't touched it. I moved into a new home. Five years later, moving again, I grabbed some empty bags to put some rubbish in. Out fell my wedding ring! I suppose it was the end of an era. My ring came back under easier circumstances. Helen

Dear All,
There's a reason why I'm collecting stories like this. I'll explain more next year.

Wednesday December 31
Your Auld Lang Sun Syne Forecast

Every forecast today quotes from Auld Lang Syne. I have taken some of the lines straight from the very oldest songbooks. I hope you don't find them too hard to read. I must also apologise profusely to the lovely people who translate my forecasts into Spanish and Japanese. Although, given that they have to rise to the daily challenge of making me understandable in those languages, tackling Rab Burns in the original Scottish is probably a mere bagatelle. I can't promise that I will be any easier to understand in 2015. But I can promise a surprisingly good year.

UK RESIDENTS! I'll be joining Jools Holland on his Hootenanny tonight on BBC2. You normally have to stay up pretty late before he gets around to my bit... but then it IS New Year's Eve... and it is a great show!

Thursday January 1
Happy New Year?

Happy New Year. There. I've said it. But what have I said? If anyone else said it, you'd think nothing of it. You'd hear it as a nice, friendly greeting. But if it comes from an astrologer, it raises a question. Am I expressing a wish? Or making a prediction? And if it is a prophecy, personal to you, why am I making it here, in the section of the page that addresses all signs? Goodness! The year has hardly begun, yet already we are facing so many questions. Happily, I have answers. Good ones. Read on. You'll see.

Friday January 2
Happy Weekend

Happy New Year! I said this yesterday. I distinctly remember explaining, too, that it was a prediction, not just a greeting. Then we raised a question. Can any New Year be happy for absolutely everyone? Since then, I've been thinking. Even if so, is it really fair to expect a constant, uninterrupted supply? If the definition of 'New Year' depends partly on culture, perhaps we should all reflect on the definition of happiness. I am, though, still inclined to predict that this weekend, a surprising number of us will feel able to answer that from positive personal experience!

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Saturday January 3
Your January Monthly Forecast

Welcome to yet another New Year. It hardly seems believable that twelve months have gone by since the last one. Some people attribute this to a process they call, 'the quickening'. They say, time is speeding up and we are all hurtling ever faster towards the future. Others say, that's just a side-effect of growing old. Either way, we should be aware that 2015 brings a chance to change ingrained habits. If you are hoping to engineer a real revolution in your personal life or in your career, there is every possibility - and the process can begin right now.

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Sunday January 4
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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