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January 5 2015 to January 11 2015

Monday January 5
Lapin the Box

Hi Jonathan,
Two years ago I went with my son to lunch, wearing an old brooch of a carved rabbit. During the day spent in a busy town, miles from home my brooch disappeared. My son and I retraced our footsteps but it was gone. A year later my daughter visited me in my office at work in another town. She noticed something poking out from under a box of toner. It was my rabbit brooch! Ros

Dear Ros,
I predict 2015 will be the year in which we all rediscover much of what we once thought irrevocably lost!

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Tuesday January 6
Not Two Certain

As the Full Moon wanes, I'd like to question an old assumption. In 1715, the author Christopher Bullock wrote: 'Tis impossible to be sure of anything but Death and Taxes.' Similar quotes have since been attributed to various writers. But are there only two certainties? On this page, every day. we deal with a third certainty. We can always be sure exactly where any planet will appear in the sky. That's why, for millennia, astrology has always held such seductive potential as a tool for prediction! Yet tomorrow, I'll talk about one vital factor that even astrologers can't foresee!

Wednesday January 7
Comet Alert

Comets are annoyingly unpredictable. All the other tools in an astrologer's prediction-making kit are reliable. We always know exactly where each planet will be so we always calculate an accurate chart. If there's a doubt, it is never over the data, only whether we are interpreting it correctly. Skeptics say, 'all interpretation is nonsense.' Our experience tells us otherwise. Our art may not be perfect but it still allows us to paint some revealing pictures. The skeptics, we can live with. It's the comets that exasperate us! And, as I shall explain tomorrow, there's now a new comet!

Thursday January 8
Love, Joy and Hope

Orion, one of the most famous constellations, is best known for the three stars grouped close together that form The Hunter's Belt. If you know how to find it and you've got clear skies, take a look tonight. Nearby, if you're lucky, you'll see the faint, greenish glow of Comet Lovejoy. Even if the sky affords no view, be heartened because it is there, sending us all a message of hope. Are we entitled to read symbolic meaning into the very name of this rare heavenly visitor? Officially no. But tomorrow, I shall explain why I beg to differ.

Friday January 9
Name of the Flame

Astronomers and astrologers alike are excited about Comet Lovejoy, now making an impressive appearance near the constellation of Orion. Astronomers insist we can read nothing into the name of this rare heavenly visitor. 'It just happens,' they say, 'to have been discovered by Terry Lovejoy. That's all.' Indeed. Unless you believe there's no such thing as coincidence! Astrologers, unlike astronomers, see symbolic meaning in celestial events. We always start with first principles. The question is not 'How did it get its name?' but 'Does it deserve it?' So far, the consensus is clear. It does! More next week.

Saturday January 10
Your Week Ahead - Chocks Away

It seems as if the best part of a year has gone by since we celebrated New Year's Eve! How are you faring in your attempt to keep up the resolutions you so determinedly declared that you would stick to through thick and thin? If you are already struggling, fear not. New Year is only a social occasion. There is no astrological justification for it. No cosmic alignments that naturally support decisions involving change. Such heavenly gifts are granted but they come at different times for different signs. The most powerful of these are yet to arise in 2015.

Sunday January 11
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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