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December 26 2016 to January 1 2017

Monday December 26

Embrace the Adventure

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Today, the first of the great Jupiter-Uranus oppositions that dominate 2017 comes into effect. It's a cosmic event that last happened 13 years ago, and, over the course of the next year, as the planets weave their magic across the sky, it will occur three times. This first event, with Pluto forming the focal point of the alignment, promises a time of exciting expansion. A journey of change that, although challenging at times, can lead to the discovery of a great reservoir of power within. Embrace the adventure!

Tuesday December 27

Star Crown

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The great Jupiter-Uranus opposition is not the only celestial activity happening in the sky. In fact, there's the none-too-small matter of the two Minor Grand Trines being formed by Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter. If you were to look at a current astrological chart, the planets weave an image representing something of a crown. It's not an aspect pattern mentioned in any textbook I've consulted, but this 'Star Crown' is significant nonetheless. And the power it promises is exciting indeed.

Wednesday December 28

Shine a Light

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Amidst the headline news of the Star Crown I described yesterday, the Sun and Mercury become conjunct today. The planet of 'planning and communication' continues to slip backwards through the sky during a rare fourth period of retrogradation this year. And, with the Sun recently making an encouraging sextile with Mars, Mercury picks up on this energy. It suggests that, although we may have to revisit old ideas, we can shine a light on current challenging situations, and be re-energised by their prospects.

Thursday December 29

New Moon Top Tune

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Before the calendar rolls over, we have the last New Moon of 2016 to deal with. Although 'dealing with' sounds like it might be an unpleasant business - it's not! The New Moon brings all sorts of opportunities. Coming just as the Sun has been in conjunction to Mercury, and coinciding with Uranus turning direct, the theme of refreshing change is plugged in, amplified and turned up to eleven. Make sure you know the lyrics. If you can carry the tune, it's bound to be a hit!

Friday December 30


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This weekend, the world counts down towards a New Year. But for astrologers, and especially those who live in central North America, this countdown takes on a second meaning. For, just as the year turns, in these time zones, Mars will be in conjunction with Neptune. The timing must surely be auspicious. Just as most of the world celebrates the beginning of a new chapter, and makes optimistic promises and resolutions, this alignment brings the energy and drive to pursue the most idealistic aspirations.

Saturday December 31

Your January Monthly Forecast

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Happy New Year! I've written much about the excitement that 2017 brings, so these predictions will focus on matters a little closer at hand. This month features the Sun and Mercury both conjuncting Pluto, Mercury turning direct, and Venus and Mars both moving signs. With a Grand Cross at the Full Moon, it's going to be 'action stations' for all! With so much extraordinary planetary activity, we'll feel the effects of January reverberating throughout the year.

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Sunday January 1

Welcome to 2017 (and your Week Ahead Love Forecast).

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In 2017, it's the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus that weaves its magic across the heavens, and beckons us to follow in its adventurous footsteps. And, as the year begins, we join this dance, with the band already in full swing. As the music's playing right from the start, you may find that your toes have already begun to tap along to a new rhythm. The New Year will be off to a good start!

Meanwhile, the Love Forecast for you sign today does not just cover romance. It may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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