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January 1 2017 to January 8 2017

Sunday January 1

Welcome to 2017 (and your Week Ahead Love Forecast).

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In 2017, it's the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus that weaves its magic across the heavens, and beckons us to follow in its adventurous footsteps. And, as the year begins, we join this dance, with the band already in full swing. As the music's playing right from the start, you may find that your toes have already begun to tap along to a new rhythm. The New Year will be off to a good start!

Meanwhile, the Love Forecast for you sign today does not just cover romance. It may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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Monday January 2

Exciting Journey

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Welcome to the first steps along 2017's exciting journey. It may have only just begun, but the year's astrological tide is already on the turn. Mars has just become conjunct with Neptune. Talk about kicking off with a bang! And it's good news for New Year's resolutions too. Mars' drive and enthusiasm can have us all pursuing the idealism that Neptune promotes. Take the initiative today and be brave. You're only just beginning to see the wonderful magic this New Year has in store.

Tuesday January 3

In a Heartbeat

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Venus begins its journey to the celestial shores of Pisces today. I've spoken before about the effect the signs have on their planetary rulers, but there are other parts of the zodiac that affect their strength and influence. As it moves into Pisces, Venus is moving into 'exaltation': when the characteristics of the sign are conducive to allowing a planet to act naturally. During its stay, the Venusian themes of harmony and compassion will come to the fore. Today, don't just listen to your heart, march to the beat of its drum!

Wednesday January 4

Mercury on the Move

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Mercury moves back into Sagittarius today as it prepares to turn direct at the weekend. I spoke yesterday about how Venus is currently in 'exaltation', allowing it to operate more naturally. As Mercury moves into Sagittarius, it is in 'detriment'. This means that its effects are weaker than they are when it is in other parts in the zodiac. Is this bad news? No! Mercury is retrograde, so it's already up to some mischief. Today's movement suggests that its naughtiness is all but done. And soon, we'll all be less distracted.

Thursday January 5

Drama Lessons

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2017 is shaped by the incredible Jupiter-Uranus opposition dancing across the sky. Though it began about a week ago, these slow, powerful celestial heavyweights remain in opposition for the next few months, and form the dramatic setting for all of life's dramas as they play out over the year ahead. With Mars' recent conjunction to Neptune, you may have experienced passionate feelings about how your world 'should' be. The T-square between Jupiter-Uranus and Pluto provides the power to make these changes happen.

Friday January 6

Power Trip!

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This weekend, the Sun moves into conjunction with Pluto. Although this happens every year, it's more significant now because Pluto already forms the focus of the great Jupiter-Uranus opposition. As the Sun now joins in, at the heart of an astrological 'T-square', it's shining a light on a process of transformation which is under way. Do you feel different yet? Can you feel your power rising, your influence growing? Don't worry if it's yet to manifest. The Sun's influence can 'will it' to do so.

Saturday January 7

Your Week Ahead

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The week begins and ends with a conjunction. First, the Sun aligns with Pluto, then Venus links with Neptune. With Mercury, the planet of communication turning direct and re-entering Capricorn, now's a good time to take control of challenging situations and to listen to our heart's desires. The Full Moon this week forms a Grand Cross with the powerful Jupiter-Uranus opposition, which is still active in the sky. Be bold, be brave and believe in yourself this week. What was once only fanciful can now be realised.

Sunday January 8

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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