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January 1 2018 to January 7 2018

Monday January 1

Happy New Year

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Er... hello? Is anybody there? The likelihood is that many people reading this are a little bleary eyed from the night before... which is understandable, as for much of the world today is a national holiday. Even in our ever-changing skies things are quiet. The real action starts tomorrow. That's when the Super Moon arrives, making harmonious links with Neptune - and Uranus, planet of revolution, changes direction. Today, let's enjoy the inertia before the pendulum swings once more. We've earned it.

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Tuesday January 2

Maximum Moon

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Today isn't just any old Full Moon. It's the annual Full Moon in its home sign Cancer. That's a supercharged, turbo Moon with extra batteries. And it's not even just a Full Moon. It's a Supermoon, operating at maximum power. What an auspicious start to the year! It encourages us to listen to our hearts and empowers us to follow our dreams. The impetus is encouraged by revolutionary Uranus, who's changing direction. As 2018 awakens, it's time for breakthroughs, rather than breakdowns.

Wednesday January 3

Here Kitty

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Yesterday's Supermoon in Cancer formed a trine - a strong, harmonious, connection - with sensitive Neptune. Today, it's Venus's turn to make an encouraging angle with the dreamy planet. That's a wonderful set of circumstances for us all. It doesn't mean that love, happiness and contentment will leap into our laps like an affectionate kitten. This cat is timid. She needs to be gently coaxed out of her hiding place. But if we're sensitive, caring and affectionate, there's every chance we'll all soon be purring.

Thursday January 4

Time for an Adventure

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In contrast to the sensitivity we talked about yesterday, we're heading towards one of the more excitable cosmic combinations. This weekend, Mars and Jupiter will converge in Scorpio for the first time since 1982. Although these planets connect every other year, for 35 years they've conspired to avoid forming an exact conjunction in the eighth sign of the zodiac. And with Mars' influence so strong in his own sign, the growth Jupiter inspires might shock us into action. There's no need to be anxious. It's just the beginning of an epic adventure.

Friday January 5

Strength and Wisdom

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The sign of Scorpio represents our hidden powers. Jupiter's presence there urges exploration and competition, while passionate Mars flexes his muscles and asserts his strength. If that were all that was going on this weekend, it would be enough to fill our plates, with plenty left over for second helpings! But there's more on the celestial menu. As Mercury makes a supportive link with Uranus, if there are changes we need to make, we're being served the strength to do it, and the wisdom to do it right.

Saturday January 6

Your Week Ahead

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This week, two regular events are happening irregularly. First, Mars conjuncts Jupiter - although they converge every two years, it's the first time it has happened in Scorpio since 1982. Then the Sun, Venus and Pluto all meet in Capricorn - they align individually every year, but a triple conjunction is rare. In1869 they arrived within three days of one another, but this time they meet in under three hours. This is a time when powerful hidden feelings will be revealed, and the urge to explore them will be intense.

Sunday January 7

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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