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December 28 2020 to January 3 2021

Monday December 28

Gentle Revolution

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Change is seen as a difficult, challenging interruption. But as we enter the last week of the year, few will mind if 2021 is significantly different to 2020. As the Sun and Uranus enter a harmonious relationship ahead of the Cancerian Full Moon there's a prevailing feeling of innovation rather than revolution. But that doesn't mean ambitions should be tempered, or that results will be less dramatic. The effects of the Great Conjunction continue to prevail. We really can build a future to get excited about.

Tuesday December 29

Holier than Thou

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An old friend of mine often talks about experiencing a 'discipline rush'. It's the sense of satisfaction he gets from abstaining when everyone else is indulging in pizza and/or ice-cream. He particularly enjoys himself when combining it with the schadenfreude of seeing us filled with food remorse. As Venus makes a sharp link with Jupiter and Saturn, virtue brings its own rewards. But we shouldn't be insensitive to anyone (including ourselves) who can't reach the standards set. Generosity applies to spirit if not portions!

Wednesday December 30

The Last Full Moon

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It's the last Full Moon of 2020. As an astrologer friend of mine said to me the other day - 'Congratulations, you made it - be kind to yourself and have a good cry!' We're bound to be feeling a bit wobbly after the year we've had. But it's important not to look at 2020 as if it was a waste of our precious time. We've learned things about ourselves that will prove invaluable going forwards, and discovered strengths we didn't know we had. The realisations we undergo now will stand us in good stead.

Thursday December 31


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This is the first New Year's Eve I've wanted the countdown to skip some numbers! Being stuck in the highest tier of lockdown, it's yet another familiar occasion that feels lonelier than usual. It's hard not to focus on what's missing, and even harder to avoid worrying about the new difficulties we might face. But I'm confident that, as the year progresses, we'll find many reasons to be hopeful. Tonight's countdown reminds us that 'this too shall pass'. The 2021 Arc of Aquarius promises better days aren't far away.

Friday January 1

A New Year

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Finally, it's over. Adios 2020, we won't miss you. And welcome, 2021, the bar is set pretty low for you now! We can all breathe a sigh of relief as we let go of the events of the last twelve months. Rather than dwelling on the past, it's important we look forwards again with a sense of optimism and imagination. Today, as Mercury and Neptune make a helpful alignment, we can forgive any missteps made in navigating recent challenges, and dare to create a vision that we can be excited about chasing.

Saturday January 2

Your January Monthly Horoscope

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Hooray! 2020 is in the rear-view mirror. It's time to look ahead with hope! January's packed full of it! As Uranus changes direction, converges with powerful Mars, and links with optimistic Jupiter and realistic Saturn, it signals breakthroughs and fresh beginnings. Release, and progress achieved by determined action, are the themes of the month. As the Full Moon arrives, just as the Sun aligns with the Great Conjunction, here comes a chance to take the courageous steps forward we've yearned for.

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Sunday January 3

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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