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September 12 2022 to September 18 2022

Monday September 12

A New Era

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As we share sadness over the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the UK and Commonwealth are adjusting to a new King, and the UK has a new Prime Minister. We're living in tumultuous, unsettling times. The weekend's Full Moon, in Pisces, was always going to be emotional, and this rollercoaster continues to impact our lives. While retrograde Mercury encourages reflection, the Full Moon made a hopeful link with Uranus, the planet of change. Yet with sensitivity, resourceful breakthroughs are still possible.

Tuesday September 13


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With Mercury retrograde on International Programmers' Day, 'bugs' could slip through the testing stage today. Yet even though there will be hiccups to deal with, as Venus links with Pluto and Mars, we can appreciate and learn from unusual occurrences. By carefully assessing any surprises, valuable info can be gleaned. Of course, humans aren't binary - we can't fix things simply by pushing buttons. The more heart we put into understanding details, the more fascinating the discoveries will be.

Wednesday September 14

Cosmic Boomerang

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In the coming days, Saturn and Uranus come close to repeating the intense relationship that coloured much of 2021. It will affect many of the experiences we have between now and the end of October (when their separation becomes more pronounced). With retrograde Jupiter moving between them later this month, they form a sort of cosmic boomerang, bringing back issues around freedom and protection - and testing the progress we've made. Fortunately, lucky Jupiter's presence will help us rise to the challenge.

Thursday September 15


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The philosopher Joseph de Maistre said that 'every nation gets the government it deserves', which, when you look at the state of the world, seems slightly unfair. Imperfect as democracy might be, the alternatives seem worse. Maybe I'm naive, but I still believe in its power: that collective investment is better than authoritarian control, no matter how benevolent it appears. As the Sun prepares to oppose Neptune, inspiring, imaginative yet seemingly impossible ideas are on the agenda. We can aspire to a better world.

Friday September 16


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The late, great Peter Falk, whose birthday is today, starred as the TV detective Columbo. Famously, he always left a suspect feeling as if they'd got the better of him. Then, just as he was about to make his exit, he'd say 'just one more thing...' and that 'thing' would be the fact that solved the crime and exposed the criminal. As retrograde Mercury opposes Jupiter this weekend, it's doing a cosmic Columbo impression. It reveals a clue that helps to create the evidence to make decisive decisions.

Saturday September 17

Your Weekly Horoscope

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As the world says goodbye to an extraordinary Queen, we lose a source of great inspiration. At a time when positive traditions are being honoured and valued, it seems fitting that retrograde Mercury encourages periods of reflection. But as the planet of communication meets the Equinox Sun, we'll be better equipped to face the future. Jupiter calls for justice, and issues of fairness and harmony rise to the fore this week. By looking in detail at the challenges we face, meaningful balances can be struck.

The "Cosmic Boomerang", a portent for the reign of King Charles III?

Sunday September 18

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

The "Cosmic Boomerang", a portent for the reign of King Charles III?

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