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A Cosmic Boomerang

Is the return of Jupiter, planet of Kings a glorious portent for Charles's reign?
Plus, a detailed look at what the Cosmic Boomerang means for your star sign.

A double rainbow over Buckingham Palace, another at Windsor Castle. A brilliant shaft of light illuminating Edinburgh's Royal Mile. A meteor coursing through the Scottish night sky.

The Queen's death and the journey of her coffin have been marked with celestial events that many interpret as having deeper meaning. Next week brings another heavenly occasion, as the slow-moving giants of the solar system align in an arc of light, creating a Cosmic Boomerang. This rare astrological event, starting on Wednesday, involves Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in retrograde, where they appear to move backwards.

Not only does it resemble the aboriginal hunting weapon, but the planets exert a boomeranglike effect, bringing up situations that seem all too recognisable from our recent past. We're experiencing a moment of pause as the boomerang prepares to start its return journey. With the death of Elizabeth II, there is a sense that we must come together to support institutional changes that will benefit everyone.

Jupiter, the tip of the boomerang, is the planet of kings. It's remarkable that on September 26 it will be at its closest to Earth for 70 years — the last time the UK had a male monarch. Shining brightly right now, it's a sign that hope, healing and good fortune are on their way, perhaps a glorious portent for King Charles III.

We've all experienced the traumas caused by Saturn and Uranus' spiky relationship in the past two years. Saturn governs institutions, and promotes discipline. Uranus is the planet of eccentric individualism. Whether it's war, disagreements in governments, environmental and energy issues, this clash has caused unprecedented disruption. As the Cosmic Boomerang hurtles towards us, it brings a chance to create a more balanced, safer, fairer world. We need to catch it and use all we've learned to forge new paths.

With generous Jupiter floating between the two disparate energies, there will be wise ways to work towards the greater good. If we draw on our resources, we'll be able to catch the boomerang and receive it as the gift it is intended to be. It can be used to carve out a better future. Where hard work is required, it brings the optimism to tackle that work, plus the inspiration to ensure change isn't just for change's sake, but involves meaningful action. So what does the Cosmic Boomerang mean for you?

Aries Zodiac Sign


As the Cosmic Boomerang heads in your direction, it might feel as if life's treating you unfairly. You might want to chuck your toys out of the pram in frustration at your lack of progress. But Jupiter, in your sign, promises that you can get what you want without needing to throw any tantrums.

It enables you to direct your energy in ways that will encourage people to accept your ideas, and kick-start a progressive move forward.

Although you'll need to keep a cool head and rise above sensitive issues that could trigger negativity, you don't have to shoulder every responsibility; being a leader involves knowing how to empower others to make decisions.

This rare alignment helps you discover different ways to pull strings. If you stick to your principles, this is a role in which you can really shine, and instigate positive, important change.

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Taurus Zodiac Sign


It's not until we let go of something that we realise how heavy it has actually been.

Recently, it's as if you've been carrying a medicine ball — heavy kit that some athletes use to warm up with — so that when they actually perform, everything they do feels so much lighter and easier.

With the Cosmic Boomerang arriving so soon after the visit of Mars to your sign, you have already done the hard work to prepare for what is coming your way.

Now, even in situations that feel unfamiliar, you can let go of what has been holding you back and play to your potential.

Challenges won't be as difficult as they first appear. A change in mindset is all you need.

If you step forward with optimism, the Cosmic Boomerang will prove that you can handle anything life throws at you with style . . . and turn it to your advantage.

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Gemini Zodiac Sign


Although the Cosmic Boomerang will make you question how you've handled situations in the past and what you have learned, it also enables you to find better ways to approach any of the difficulties you face.

History is full of moments where one person's courageous decision to stick their head above the parapet has given other people the permission to step up and join them.

It doesn't matter if a brave move leads to massive social change, or just makes the world brighter for a short while, you have the power to take on a role that others will follow.

And this once-in-a-lifetime alignment promises the support you need to take bold action. It requires faith and courage to make this kind of change. But it's a step you won't regret. You're on the road to success.

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Cancer Zodiac Sign


Jupiter's influence in the Cosmic Boomerang brings back the enthusiasm you thought you'd lost. It will invigorate you with the energy to keep going, the wisdom to recognise opportunities when they arrive, and the luck you need to be able to take full advantage of the possibilities lining up before you.

It promises that if you believe in what you're trying to accomplish, you can persuade others to back your cause.

As long as you're able to highlight how mutually beneficial your plans will be, you'll find no shortage of people willing to invest in your ideas. Although this breakthrough might not happen overnight, as we head away from the Boomerang and towards a powerful Eclipse in November, it will culminate in a powerful change in your fortunes.

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Leo Zodiac Sign


We all need a special teacher, a supportive parent, a close friend or a faithful partner to believe in us. It helps us to defeat self-doubt and faltering self-confidence. The Cosmic Boomerang brings challenge and strength in equal measure.

But it will also bring the inner cheerleader you need to fulfil that supportive role. The only person you need to prove anything to is the one reading this!

You're much stronger than you realise. And coming events will show just how well you can face any adversities. A change is in the offing and you have the necessary qualities to take full advantage of it.

By having faith in yourself, and pursuing what you know to be right, you won't just head towards greater success, you'll revel in the journey it takes to get there.

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Virgo Zodiac Sign


This rare alignment asks you to look deep inside yourself in ways that might rock your boat, but great progress will come from it. The Cosmic Boomerang makes you question why you're working so hard for something (or someone) who is unwilling to match your effort.

You can't control the attitudes of others. But you can help them reach conclusions they were already on the path to making. And, in doing so, you can discover more about your own motivation, and reconnect with people you once found difficult to understand.

As Jupiter heads back into your opposite sign next month, there's potential for new understanding in key relationships. It all stems from the growth you're experiencing on the inside.

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Libra Zodiac Sign


In the age of social media and glamour marketing, it's easy to feel inadequate. When we judge ourselves by what society deems to be successful, or by anyone else's standards, we're bound to feel lacking.

The Cosmic Boomerang questions why you're letting someone loom so large in your life. Why are other people's perspectives taking priority over yours? You're brilliant and unique. Your only weakness is that you sometimes hold back to conform to other people's expectations.

It's time to invest in your own potential. Your creative spark can make a difference.

As September progresses, and you see how effective you can be when you stand in your power, your view of the world will change. And it will change the way it responds to you.

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Scorpio Zodiac Sign


The influence of the Cosmic Boomerang feels exasperating; you're ready to move on, fast, but events and situations are holding you back.

Yet, if you hold tight, you'll discover the benefits of allowing situations to unfold. Being forced to be patient might be tough, but you're learning a key skill.

And while you're waiting, circumstances are changing . . . in favourable ways.

By the time Venus enters your sign in October, you'll be more than ready to put your wisdom to serious use. Your charm level will rocket!

Any changes you wish to make will find support. And by helping other people fulfil their potential you'll find the sense of meaning and purpose you seek.

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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign


There are so many 'sensible' reasons not to do so many things, especially when there's an element of risk attached. But while there's safety in the familiar, it doesn't bring change. The Cosmic Boomerang enables you to solve a problem that has no logical answer. To find it, you just need to have faith in your ability to improvise.

It asks you to take a leap of faith knowing that even a noble failure will put you in a stronger position than you're in now . . . and knowing that a big success is possible.

Fortune favours the bold, especially when courage comes from doing what's right, not what's easy. You possess all you need to achieve success. Believe.

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Capricorn Zodiac Sign


Very few of us are completely objective. Even when we think we're being wholly rational, we're denying an emotional need.

The Cosmic Boomerang encourages you to have more faith in your creativity. Rather than showing you what you're doing 'wrong', this cosmic event invites you to apply your resources in different ways.

What are you instinctively drawn to explore? What have you ignored despite an unexplained itch to try?

You possess an innovative imagination. When issues from the past reappear, they offer opportunities to engage with more passion and purpose. You're gaining inner strength that will guide you to a brighter future.

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Aquarius Zodiac Sign


Children are adaptable. As we grow older, we become set in our ways. The Cosmic Boomerang will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. This rare alignment points towards possibilities that will shake you up and rattle your sense of security, but that deserve to be explored.

You instinctively know change is needed. But you fear that the progress you've already made might get lost in the process. Fear not.

As Jupiter moves between your modern and traditional ruling planets, you can hold on to your core principles and investigate new pathways.

Embrace the opportunities. With a positive mindset you can follow them to happiness.

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Pisces Zodiac Sign


Presidents, pop stars and celebrities urge us to follow our dreams. But there's a danger in holding on to idealised visions of success; they can stifle our ability to enjoy what we already have. And blind us to seeing new possibilities.

The Cosmic Boomerang brings a moment of clarity.

It's time to consider whether persevering with something or someone that you like the idea of (but never makes you happy) is worth the sacrifice.

A new approach will lead to greater fulfilment. Exploring new ideas doesn't mean giving up. It takes courage, and that always brings rewards.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that leads to a more enlightened you? I hope so.

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