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September 19 2022 to September 25 2022

Monday September 19

Queen Elizabeth II

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Today, as we pay our final respects to Queen Elizabeth II, the eyes of the world will be on the UK. As a nation, we're old hands at the art of pageantry - today will be glittering with gold and time-honoured tradition, underpinned with deep respect and sadness. Ceremonies mark life's important moments: they reflect our beliefs and hopes. Following retrograde Mercury's opposition to Jupiter at the weekend, recollections and memory-provoking moments can inspire us to look forward to a more unified future.

The "Cosmic Boomerang", a portent for the reign of King Charles III?

Tuesday September 20

Cosmic Alignment

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With Saturn and Uranus close to repeating last year's alignment, and retrograde Jupiter moving between them, a Cosmic Boomerang alignment is forming. Tomorrow, as Jupiter's relationship with Saturn peaks, it may feel as if problems are returning, and limiting recent progress. But a boomerang's return is designed to be purposeful. Whatever tests we face, with a mixture of experience, understanding and optimism, we can easily deal with them. It's time to rise above challenges, and look towards brighter horizons.

The "Cosmic Boomerang", a portent for the reign of King Charles III?

Wednesday September 21

The Cosmic Boomerang

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The Cosmic Boomerang reaches the first of its two peaks today, bringing a unique opportunity. Challenges aren't easy to deal with. There's always a moment when we don't know how to handle them. But this is different. The challenges arising now touch on issues we thought we'd already put to bed. They ask us to reassess recent progress. On investigation, areas of improvement will be apparent. Meaningful solutions are available. By sharing experiences, with a keen sense of justice, we really can advance.

Thursday September 22

Approaching the Equinox

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Yesterday we talked about a sense of justice being key to understanding what to do for the best in this unusual cosmic climate. As we approach the Equinox, when the hours of light and dark are equal and the Sun moves into Libra (the sign of the scales) the cosmos encourages us to seek harmonious solutions to our problems. The influence of the Cosmic Boomerang brings moments of inspiration and liberation. If we focus on imbalanced or unjust situations, we can draw on past experiences to find fair solutions.

The "Cosmic Boomerang", a portent for the reign of King Charles III?

Friday September 23

The Equinox Shift

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The Equinox marks a cosmic shift of energy as we move into a new season. It's a time for reflection and celebration. Across the world, we've been seeing national scenes of sadness. With the death of Queen Elizabeth II we've been focused on the past - and an air of solemnity has permeated the national psyche. With the Sun in Libra, linking with Mercury, we can begin to gently redress emotional imbalances. As the New Moon arrives opposite Jupiter in the Cosmic Boomerang, it brings reasons to celebrate this weekend.

Saturday September 24

Your Weekly Horoscope

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The New Moon, this weekend, heralds Rosh Hashanah - The Jewish New Year. But celebrations needn't be confined to a single community. As this lunar event aligns with brightly glowing Jupiter, it forms a 'Finger Of The World' alignment with Uranus and Saturn. Combined with the Cosmic Boomerang, it encourages a search for purpose, and a desire to share our lives with like-minded people. As long we believe in what we're trying to achieve, opportunities for meaningful change arise for both the spiritual and the secular.

Sunday September 25

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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