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November 1st to November 3rd

Beginning yoga

Recently, I took up yoga. This was not because I saw myself as the next Madonna. It's just that, since I stopped smoking last year, I have slowly begun to notice that I have a body. At first, the lessons made me feel terrible. I had no idea that there were so many things my arms and legs could not do. I kept wanting to look at the clock, to see if the torture was nearly over. But I couldn't even see the clock. It was on the wall. I was on the floor. Anyway, I kept at it and this week for the first time ever, I actually enjoyed my session. I'll let you know when I can stand on my head!

Clash of Cosmic Titans plus Friday's Astronews plus more about the New Planet KX 76

Clash of Cosmic Titans
A heavenly drama is reaching fever pitch, right at this very moment. Saturn and Pluto, two titans of the sky, today complete the second of three cosmic clashes. The first took place between July and August. After it ended, they briefly backed away from one another but, in September, they locked horns once more. Today, their second struggle ceases. We will then get a respite... until early in 2002 when the build up begins towards a third and final celestial showdown.
We need not watch out, this weekend, for more major trouble on the world stage. An event like this tends to produce "visible impact" in the period JUST BEFORE it gets to maximum strength. During the past fifty one days, we have seen plenty of proof that Pluto and Saturn are forming one of their rare, once-every-35-years oppositions. Right now, thankfully, the cosmic conflict is a spent force.

While we wait for it to regain energy, click here to read the thoughts of one of Britain's top astrologers - plus more names for the new planet and Astro News... Enjoy

Star-crossed lovers - Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

Angelina Jolie June 4, 1975 (Gemini)
Billy Bob Thornton August 4, 1955 (Leo)

More sex symbols are born under Gemini than any other sign. Just like her fellow Geminis, Marilyn Monroe and Joan Collins, Angelina Jolie has developed an impressive, almost hypnotic ability to project her assets. While many Geminis though, just do a good pretence of being sexy in the hope that this will get them places, Leos exude natural, animal charisma from their every pore. Billy Bob Thornton is just such a Leo and it's easy to see where the attraction between them lies. Traditionally speaking, Leo and Gemini do reasonably well as a couple... though the relationship never stops being a power struggle.


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