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November 5th to November 10th

Yoga positions...

My kids were surprised to hear that I am learning yoga. They only found out because one of their friends saw this page. I didn't say anything because... well, you know, children can be very tactless at times. As indeed, they were here, once the truth came out. "Come on dad, show us one of the poses you have to do" urged nine year old Sofi. Reluctantly, I complied. "Oh, you mean THIS?" she said, effortlessly adopting a position that I had been struggling to reach for weeks. I felt slightly better after talking to Mark Winter - who starts a regular Wednesday healing feature on this site this week. "As adults" he said "We forget many things that we knew as children. Yoga helps to re-awaken the body's memory." Later, when nobody was looking, I tried to ask my body if it had a memory. There was a long silence. Eventually, it replied. "Sorry? What was the question again?"

My favourite bits

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Welcome Mark Winter plus Our safe future

Site update: Welcome today to our new column written by Mark Winter, a respected authority on eastern philosophies and the New Age - click on the link in the left hand frame... Enjoy. (Hit the refresh button if you can't see the link)

Many people are feeling worried, anxious or afraid. Even the current high street spending boom is partly fuelled by a feeling that we might as well go out and shop because, when the end of the world comes, it won't matter what we owe to Visa. The markets may be depressed but the doom mongers are delighted. First September 11, now a war! Who now dares to contradict their gloomy message? Ahem, ahem. If anyone is interested... I dare! At the risk of repeating myself, it's not just safe to fly, it's safe to hope, to plan and to expect a bright tomorrow for all of humanity. Perfectly safe. And perfectly right.


Jupiter rules Sagittarius and co-rules Pisces. It is currently passing through Cancer and forming a harmonious link to the Sun. The Sun, meanwhile rules Leo but is now passing through Scorpio. Today, therefore, there are encouraging implications for all five signs. If we follow an old tradition, we can also see hopeful indications for their zodiac "opposites"; Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Taurus. That only leaves Aries and Libra - but if you want to see positive events for these two signs, you don't have to look too far into the future.

Astro News plus Behind the Signs

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Behind the Signs
Jupiter, planet of abundance and expansion, is retrograde in Cancer until March 1, 2002. It's still an auspicious influence but there is something for everyone to learn by evaluating your hopes for the future. This may be a time to put your faith to the test. Consider traits and values you have inherited from your family. Consider how spiritual influences may or may not be relative to you. Put matters into perspective by thinking about past over-reactions and appropriate emotional responses.

Star Crossed Lovers - Britney and Justin

Britney Spears (December 2, 1981)
Justin Timberlake (January 31, 1981)

Britney is a Sagittarian, Justin is an Aquarian. There is potential here for an endless argument. Aquarians love to be right - about everything, all the time. Sagittarians, by contrast, love to experiment. They aren't just willing to make mistakes, they thoroughly enjoy making them. It's how they learn. Inflexible Aquarians find this difficult to accept. This, in turn, makes it hard for the Sagittarians to accept them. Though some Aquarius/Sagittarius relationships can and do work well, I hereby predict that the only way these two will live happily ever after... is separately.


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