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March 1st to 9th 2002

Astro News plus Solar Returns

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"Dear Jonathan, Is it my birthday today - or was it my birthday yesterday? I was born on Feb 29 so I just don't know. Best wishes, Mary." Dear Mary, Actually, we ALL have this problem. It's just that the rest of us don't realise it. On our birthday, the sun returns to the same bit of the sky that it occupied when we were born. That's why we say "Many Happy Returns." But because of this whole leap year palaver, the position of the Sun gets out of whack with the calendar so our actual, proper moment of "Solar Return" can take place on the day before our birthday - or the day after! If you really want to know when to celebrate, give your time of birth to an astrologer every year - and ask them to do the sums. Or just use your inner radar. At the precise moment of your birthday, you can kind of feel it!
Tomorrow - and next week, I will be on holiday. My highly respected colleague, Bernard Fitzwalter will be writing your forecasts each day.

Bernard Fitzwalter: Match made in Hollywood?

Jonathan is away and will be back with the weekly predictions next Saturday. He writes: "My respected colleague BERNARD FITZWALTER is writing the predictions for your week ahead while I am on holiday. I am sure you will find his insights of great value."

Bernard Fitzwalter: A 'Match' made in Hollywood? Rachel Weisz (b. 7.3.71, Pisces) and Dougray Scott (b.25. 11.65, Sagittarius)
We have no reason to think that these two are a couple in real life but their signs are well matched and on screen, they are now being paired up. Rachel soon plays Boadicea in Warrior Queen, opposite Dougray as the leader of another tribe. Summer will be important for her as Jupiter's moves give her both a new love and a new direction, Dougray's star is also rising. True recognition of his talent, will come at the end of 2003.

Jupiter changes direction

Jonathan is away this week. He writes: "My respected colleague BERNARD FITZWALTER is writing the predictions while I am on holiday. I am sure you will find his insights of great value."
Bernard: Have you ever watched a ferry coming into dock? Everything seems smooth and graceful, and then, as the engines are reversed, the whole ship shakes and shudders, and the water goes dark with mud and silt. Then everything settles, and the ship is ready to load and unload. Jupiter is change of direction this week is like that. It's a big planet, so expect a bit of noise and shaking over the next few days, and some mud to get thrown up; but when the manoeuvring is over, it will be there waiting for us to get on board, ready to take us all on new adventures.


Bernard: Yesterday we were talking about Jupiter being like a ship to take us on new adventures. Journeys of all kinds go better with good weather, and Jupiter can provide that, too. Edwardian astrologers were very keen on weather forecasting by the planets, and it was always reckoned that when the Sun was in good aspect to Jupiter the weather would stay fine for a while. So, for those of you planning your holidays, this year that means the first week of May, Mid-July (yes, a traditional summer for once!) and the first week of October.

Good luck planets?

Bernard: Sometimes astrology students ask me why a supposedly fortunate planet appears to have brought them bad luck. The answer is that it doesn't; planetary energies are neutral, and how they are used is up to you. Take our old friend Jupiter, for instance. Although he is always called a planet of fortune, his real influence is simply to bring you more. If you haven't enough to eat, having more food is indeed good fortune; but if you are already well-fed, then more just makes you put on weight. Don't blame the planets!

Look for Leo

Bernard: The seasons are changing, and if you look to the east late in the evening, you'll see the big feature of the spring skies: Leo. Once you've learned to spot him, he will be as unmistakable to you as he was to the Egyptians, centuries ago. The first thing to find is a semicircle of five stars like a letter C, with another one beneath, forming a shape like the hook of a coat hanger. Over to the left are another two, to make one 'arm' of the coat hanger. Now try to see the whole thing as the Sphinx, lying down, facing right. The semicircle is his head, the rest are his body. More tomorrow.

Regulus power... plus Astro News

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Did you manage to find Leo yesterday? If so you'll have noticed the bright star which is underneath the 'C' of his head. This is Regulus, the Lion's heart, Star of Kings, and Watcher of the South. Great titles, aren't they? Most of them come from Ancient Persia. If you were born with Regulus on the horizon or exactly overhead, so the old lore says, you will achieve great fame and fortune. You might even become a king yourself. Unlikely? Well, the late Princess of Wales had Regulus on one of the destiny points in her birth chart, so maybe the star still has some power after all.

Match made in Heaven - Emma Bunton and Jade Jones

I'm back! Many thanks to Bernard for holding the fort so well in my absence. This week's big event is the New Moon on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. It takes place in Pisces but it means something special to all of us - and especially to those who are hoping for the chance to make a fresh start in some area of life.

Match Made in Heaven? Emma Bunton - Aquarius and Jade Jones - Aquarius
This relationship has a big advantage - and an equally big drawback. The "plus" is that nobody understands an Aquarian quite so well as another Aquarian. And that, of course, is the "minus" too! That, plus the fact that Aquarians HAVE to be right about everything, all the time. Is this relationship two big for the both of them? Maybe... but sometimes this combination CAN work and when it does, it works very well indeed.


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