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September 23rd to September 30th 2002

Jonathan back..

My thanks to the excellent astrologers who filled this space so well last week. While I was away I gave much thought to the current world situation. I know that a lot of people feel anxious about the future. Some worry about a repeat of the events of September 11. Others fear a war that may escalate uncontrollably. Yet more are concerned about a possible economic collapse. So I cast and recast many horoscopes. We really do have no reason to be afraid. Indeed, the global outlook is very hopeful. This may be all you need to hear. But if you are interested in the full astrological explanation for my optimism, I have recorded a special message. To hear it call for your weekly zodiac forecast in the usual way – then stay on the line.

War and peace

Several people have asked me to be more specific about the prediction I made yesterday. Am I saying that the US will invade Iraq - or that they won’t? Actually, I am not saying anything on this particular topic. I do not think there is much to say. A lot of loud, stirring talk is now taking place. The action that it eventually leads to will be surprisingly quiet by comparison. Events in the news, later this year, will neither increase nor decrease the amount of peace or safety or love in the world. I do, though, think this: if we now ought to be worried about anything, we should be worried about our own capacity to create figures of hate – who we then think of with no forgiveness or compassion.
Bangkok predictions

On my holidays, I visited a temple in Bangkok. Outside the building were seven machines in a row, each with flashing lights. My guide explained that you had to pick the one for the day of the week on which you were born, focus on the question you wanted an answer to – and then insert a coin into the slot. When the lights stopped flashing a number would be displayed. You then took a pre-printed prediction, bearing the appropriate number, from the pigeon-hole below. So far, so familiar. But then came the twist. If you didn’t like your prediction, you just had to put lots of money in the collection box! Not surprisingly, it turned out that almost all the predictions were relentlessly gloomy. Hmmm…
Mercury retrograde

Two or three times a year, for two or three weeks at a time, Mercury moves backwards. This is just an optical illusion caused by the orbit of the earth but we astrologers consider a retrograde planet to be in a state of meditation and reflection. Mercury governs education, transportation, commerce and connectivity. When Mercury is moving “backwards” these processes too, often seem to be slowed down. And the good news? By this time next week Mercury will be as far back as it intends to go. After which, we will all feel much less as if we are hanging around waiting for things to happen.
London demo plus Astronews

Astrologers must avoid having opinions. As soon as we ‘think we know’ about something, we compromise our ability to look at it objectively. This is why I try not to takes sides in debates or get involved in political arguments. It is surely far better to stand back and see both sides of the story. Then again, life is short and sometimes, you just have to trust your strongest, most passionate feelings. Tomorrow afternoon, there’s a big demonstration in London. It is a protest against the British and US plan to attack Iraq without UN backing. I hope to see you there!
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Match Made in Heaven? Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins

Mercury, the winged messenger, has been moving in the ‘wrong’ direction for the last couple of weeks – as many people with frustratingly unfinished business will testify. This week it stands still in the sky prior to moving forward once more. The worst is over. Problems with communication, commerce and computers will soon ease off.
A Match Made In Heaven? Susan Sarandon (b. October 4, 1946) Libra and Tim Robbins (b. October 16, 1958) Libra
Librans can pair-bond with just about anyone of any sign. They are naturally gregarious and amenable. They can sense what others need – and are happy to supply it. Well, that’s the theory. In practice they often tire of being so nice. Only another Libran really understands this, which is why these two are so well-matched.
Antiwar march

On Saturday, I was marching with my kids, in a vast ocean of antiwar protesters. Several traders, watching from the roadside told me it was the biggest demonstration they had ever seen in London. yet on the radio, the news reports were quoting a low turn out. I suddenly thought, what matters is not how many people come, it is how many are SAID to have come. So, if you were in the government and you wanted to put a spin on the news, you might “arrange” for your “officials” to make “counting mistakes”. But our government would never do such a thing, would they? Hmmm... I wonder how many A levels you need to become a politician?


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