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April 20 2009 to April 26 2009

Monday April 20
Easter Again. So Soon?

Over the weekend, in churches around the world, millions celebrated Easter. Millions more did the same the previous weekend. The date of this festival has long been controversial. The general idea is that it must be on a Sunday after the first Full Moon following the equinox. There are, though, lots of 'complications'. There are also great debates about whether Easter should be linked to the date of another 'floating feast'. The 'last supper', after all, was part of a Passover observance. But, then, Jesus was neither an Eastern Orthodox Christian, nor a Catholic or Protestant. He was Jewish!

I have also taken a look at internet singing phenomenon Susan Boyle's horoscope.

Tuesday April 21
Asteroid Ahoy!

Our solar system is full of asteroids. Most circle the Sun between Mars and Jupiter - and all are of great interest to astrologers. Many of my colleagues habitually plot their movements and incorporate them into their clients' birth charts. One particular asteroid creates great fascination. Chiron has an 'eccentric orbit', all on its own between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is generally viewed as a healing influence. Next month, something rare and special starts to happen. The once-every-13-year conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune aligns exactly with Chiron. Tomorrow, I will explain why this is seen as so auspicious.

Wednesday April 22
Half and Half

Yesterday, I described Chiron as an asteroid with an unusual orbit. Technically, Chiron (pronounced: Ky-ron) belongs to a special category called 'centaurs'. They are half-asteroid, half-comet; temporary visitors to our solar system. Chiron was a centaur in legend too. Not all these mythical creatures; half-human, half-horse, were healers - but Chiron was (and remains) a symbol of 'potential for recovery'. Since its discovery in 1977, Chiron has aligned with many planets - but soon, it will hold the same zodiac position as the rare, positive, Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, giving this powerful, periodic 'force for good' an extra boost.

Thursday April 23

We are all a bit like Susan Boyle. We all have hidden talents. We all lead lives limited by circumstance and responsibility. We all hope that one day we will get our chance to shine. Susan is an Aries, born April 1, 1961. But this golden time in her life is not just down to her zodiac sign. It's more to do with a part of her chart being sensitive to a rare alignment of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. The influence of this triple conjunction intensifies from now till the end of May, promising us all a moment of glory.

Friday April 24
Up the Conjunction!

Who really runs the world? Some think the governments of the world's richest nations make all the choices. Others claim there are cabals in the corridors of power. Mystics, though, believe our combined, collective wishes affect all events, as do our thoughts and deeds. They see a divine democracy where we all have an equal vote. Some astrological traditions talk of times when the heavens become particularly receptive to earthly petitioning. The coming conjunction of Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron would be such an occasion. It might be wise, this weekend, to start campaigning on behalf of your brightest dream.

Saturday April 25
Your Week Ahead - Conjunction Junction

Venus and Mars are still in conjunction. This week, both form antagonistic angles to Pluto. Meanwhile a New Moon gradually grows as the week goes by. If the sky is a traffic-signalling system, that's the equivalent of reaching a crossing where the lights are green... yet a car is racing towards the junction. 'Officially' it's safe to go. Yet reasons to stop are obvious. Many people, soon, will have to balance the evidence they can see with the story they are being told. Those who thrive will be those with enough independence of mind to question conventional wisdom.

Sunday April 26
Michelle Obama

Michelle OBAMA is a Capricorn, born in Chicago on January 17, 1964. Like all born under this sign, she's pragmatic. Capricorns are famously "down to earth". She's also extremely clever. But then it's rare to find a Capricorn who isn't.

Capricorn, according to tradition, is the sign of the Sea Goat, a mythical creature with a goat's upper body and a fishes tail. Capricorn is not, of course, the only "Bi Corporeal", or double bodied sign. Sagittarius is represented by a Centaur, half human, half horse. Gemini is symbolised by Twins. Pisces is always shown as a pair of fish, or dolphins, swimming in opposite directions. Even Virgo, according to many students of mythology, is more properly depicted not as a simple maiden, or even a queen of the harvest but as a winged goddess whose form is part mortal and part bird. Read the rest of this article...

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