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January 19 2009 to January 25 2009

Monday January 19

Dear Jonathan,
On Thursday, you began the forecast for my sign with the words. 'Look up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?' Actually, for me, living in New York, it was a plane hit by birds, gliding into the Hudson River. Most appropriate. I wonder, was the pilot a Capricorn too? Samantha.

Dear Samantha,
Actually, Captain Chesley Sullenberger was born on January 23, 1951. He's an Aquarian, with Moon in Leo and a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. I can't help but feel such a miracle, against all expectations, is a deeply auspicious omen.

Tuesday January 20
Inauguration Celebration

Each prediction today begins with a quote from the man who is about to make history. To judge his prospects from an astrological point of view, two horoscopes must be considered. The first is the chart of the ceremony. It takes place while Mercury is retrograde and the Moon is 'void of course'. Neither are traditionally seen as especially auspicious. But nor do they automatically mean that this presidency is bound to fail. Barack Obama's own birth chart shows all the celestial support that got him where he is today and gives no indication that this momentum will desert him.

Wednesday January 21
Obama Panorama

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 on the Hawaiian island of O'ahu at 7.24pm local time. He's a dignified Leo with the Moon in thoughtful Gemini and calm, composed Aquarius rising. He sometimes describes himself as 'restless'. And, to an astrologer, this is confirmed by a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter forming a 150-degree 'quincunx' angle to his triple conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Uranus. With five key planets in a permanent state of unresolvable flux, he's mission driven, sincere and brave yet realistic. He has already changed the world. But his work has only just begun.

Barack Obama's horoscope chart.

Thursday January 22
Solar Eclipse

I'm excited about Monday's solar eclipse. It's partly exceptional because it involves a triple conjunction of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter. And it is not the precursor to a 'normal' lunar eclipse. Normally, eclipses come in pairs. Mystics even speak of the two weeks between a solar and lunar eclipse as the time when a portal to another world, full of extraordinary possibilities, opens up. February's lunar eclipse though, is 'penumbral'. Effectively, it's invisible. So is August's. Even the more traditional lunar eclipse next New Year's Eve is only partial! Arguably, that magical portal will be open all year.

Friday January 23
Second time lucky...

Earlier this week, I mentioned concern about the 'void of course moon' at the moment of President Obama's inauguration. Ancient tradition states that when a process is begun or an agreement is reached, if the Moon is near the end of a zodiac sign and has already completed all the 'aspects' that it is due to form from that sign, the matter will 'come to nothing'. A little mix-up as he took his oath meant that Obama officially retook it on Wednesday, at 7.35pm. This gives us a different (and more favourable) horoscope for his presidency. He's lucky!

Saturday January 24
Your Week Ahead

A glorious solar eclipse takes place this week. It's not visible from here... but we'll still feel the influence. Here comes a chance to wipe the slate clean and begin again. If there's a resolution that you're keen to keep up or a promise you've been finding it hard to keep, here's a chance to renew that vow and be successful with it. And, whilst I make no absolute promises, it may just be the case this week that, rather than find the solution to a problem, some of us find that the problems themselves have gone away of their own accord!

Sunday January 25
Geri Halliwell

Jonathan, this week, takes a look at Spice Girl Geri Halliwell's birth chart and attempts to answer the question 'has she finally found love at last'?

Leos are in the news these days. There's Madonna, in honour of whose recent underwear exploits a new phrase needs to be coined: "Mutton, undressed as lamb." There's Barack Obama. He's already changed the world just by getting into office. What happens next will change the world again in a wonderful, vision-sharing, common-ground-finding, recession-busting way.

And then, there's our Geri. As oddball as ever, she's now pulled herself a handsome multi-millionaire luxury yacht-selling Italian who buys her pricey pianos and babysits for Bluebell. Read the rest of this article...

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