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January 27 2014 to February 2 2014

Monday January 27
The Old Ways

Some while ago, Isabel wrote in about a plant pot that mysteriously moved in the night. I asked for help from anyone who practised horary astrology, the art of casting a chart for the moment a question is asked. I should stress that not all practitioners work in the same way. Some draw up a horoscope and apply similar principles to those they'd employ with a regular birth chart plus, perhaps, a little intuition. But I have faith in the old ways and was keen to see what a traditionalist would say. Tomorrow, I'll share excerpts from three readings.

Tuesday January 28
Mystery of the Moving Plant Pot Theory 1

After he read the story of Isabel, whose potted plant was moving mysteriously in the night, an astrologer called Paul cast a horary chart and offered his explanation. He said:

'A man is about to step forward. About two weeks ago, Isabel experienced "an encounter". Since then the man has had his life turned upside down, has tried to rationalise his feelings and has decided to attract her attention with a series of surprises. I would expect there to be, within a week, a communion of souls at work.'

That's one take on the matter. Tomorrow, I'll offer another.

Wednesday January 29
Mystery of the Moving Plant Pot Theory 2

We're looking, this week, at different interpretations of horary charts cast with regard to the question posed by Isabel, who told us her plant pot was moving in the night. Paul, yesterday, saw a connection to a secret admirer. Mystic Wendy sees this too, specifically one from a different cultural background. She suspects Isabel's own current love life is in trouble and detects a legal issue involving property, although she thinks Isabel's neighbours are very supportive of her. Both Paul and Wendy's readings may be right. We shall have to ask Isabel. But tomorrow, I'll share one more interpretation.

Thursday January 30
Plant Pot Round Up

My favourite horary reading regarding Isabel and her mysteriously moving potted plant is from Pamela Robertson, who is clearly a student of William Lilly, the 17th-century expert. I can tell this by the many detailed reasons she gives. I'll spare you all that chapter and verse and just say that, unlike the other astrologers, Pamela sees no secret admirer, merely the gesture of a well-meaning neighbour or perhaps, a neighbour's pet. We wait now for Isabel to shed more light on this for us. Meanwhile, you can see all the readings in full here.

Friday January 31

Happy New Year, again! We're now in the Dark of the Moon that heralds the annual New Moon in Aquarius and with it the start of the Chinese Year of the Horse. This particular year, the horse belongs to the element of 'wood', symbolising unexpected adventure. If that puts you in mind of the wooden horse that the Greeks employed to invade the city of Troy, you may be thinking along the right lines. Many western astrologers see 2014 as a year when millions suddenly realise that major change has sneaked up on us. More on this next week.

Saturday February 1
Your February Monthly Forecast

One reason why February looks set to be so splendid is because it brings us a Full Moon on Valentine's Day. Year after year, I have to explain that this celebration has no astrological component. The sky doesn't know that millions, all over the world are giving and receiving cards and flowers. But even if it is just by chance this year, the sky promises us all the magical moonlight we could wish for. And whilst Full Moons often stimulate disagreements, they also famously ignite passions and inspire the kind of crazy moves that only wild romantics ever make.

Sunday February 2
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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