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About Time Wednesday, 4 March 2015

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I think two common sayings provide the explanation to our perception of how time passes. One is, 'A watched pot never boils.' We all know it will boil eventually, but it takes a lot longer if you concentrate on that one thing. Whereas, if you're doing other things, particularly other things you enjoy, time passes quickly. The other is, 'Time flies when you're enjoying yourself.' So, if you want time to pass slowly, it is simple. Stop enjoying yourself and concentrate on some event in the future. How many of your readers want to follow that advice? Duncan

Your horoscope is your birthright. At the exact moment of your birth, in the sky above your head, the planets arranged themselves into a very precise, particular pattern, never formed before... and never to be repeated, exactly, ever again. Each birth chart is as unique as a fingerprint. Or a sample of your very own DNA. But where these give clues to your existing identity or your biological inheritance, your birth chart reveals the "you" that you have the potential to become. The "you" that you alone were truly born to be. Regardless of where you've been or what you've been through, the secret of your most positive potential is still yours to claim... and to make real. The heavens want to help you. Help yourself to their help. Get your full personal horoscope reading, now!

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