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Your Year Ahead 2016

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

Your General forecast for 2016
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On May 9, 2016... a most unusual heavenly event occurs. We get to see Mercury, the fastest inner planet and often, too, the most difficult to see, revealing itself in broad daylight. Or, at least, we get to see this if we happen to be in Britain... and we happen to have a pair of eclipse-viewing glasses. For about five hours, Mercury will look like a tiny black spider, crawling across the face of the blazing fireball in the centre of our sky.

If you don't have special glasses, you absolutely must not look or you will damage your eyes. You'll have to rely on specially filtered internet video feeds. But even if you don't see a single thing, you can rest assured that this rare celestial development is important, meaningful and powerful. Astrologers are quite sure that if affects the whole year for everyone, regardless of what sign they were born under - and regardless of whether they actually see it happen.

The impact, we feel, starts right now. It colours and covers the whole of 2016. As it involves the traditional planet of commerce and communication, 'revealing' what was previously hidden, we should see it as a portent of profitable discovery, in each and every life. It's the year we all find out more about who we were born to be, what we may one day be capable of and how brightly our futures have the potential to shine. It's also the year in which dour gloomy predictions about a future full of austerity and difficulty begin to melt away! So too, sadly, do the low interest rates that the world has been sticking to in an effort to combat inflation.

The world is entering a phase of dramatic, positive growth. And no, I'm happy to predict that this won't all be stimulated by an expensive, extensive war effort. A general, truly global confidence in a future for the world that's both peaceful and prosperous, will gradually but inexorably grow. If you want to know more about how the outlook for your zodiac sign is due to shape up in 2016 under the auspicious influence of this rare Transit of Mercury... read on!

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Love forecast
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Mercury is neither the planet of love nor the herald of romance. Why then, should we expect to feel an impact, deep in our hearts, from this year's rare Transit of Mercury? Why should we expect this event to have powerful ramifications that cause many relationships change forever for the better? Because, while Mercury may not govern attraction, seduction, glamour or charm, it has a traditional association with something that matters far more to every lover - or would-be lover. It is the planet of communication!

As all who have ever tried to form a close rapport with another individual will testify, nothing is more important than that in the quest for mutual understanding. Mercury facilitates exchange! It governs information and education. It rules trade and transaction too. What else is at the essence of any important emotional relationship if not a process of give and take based on subtle, constant emotional negotiation? On May 9, 2016, this elusive planet will reveal itself in broad daylight by aligning so directly with the Sun that it appears, for several hours, to look like a tiny blemish, protruding from the face of the brightest light in the sky. It draws the attention of a watching world and says, 'never underestimate the potential significance of a tiny detail!'

We won't be able to see this event without special glasses but even those who live in parts of the world where the Sun can't be seen at all at that time of day will feel it! We will feel it in our bones, in our waters... and in our hearts. We will respond to the amazing cosmic challenge being set by a sky overbrimming with symbolism. The cosmos is saying, to each one of us, in 2016, 'Dare to share what you feel, to say what you mean, to show what you know and to reveal what you conceal!'

That's going to give rise to a surprisingly large amount of candour - but, in unleashing a tide of honesty, the cosmos will support the efforts of all who seek a better, deeper, more genuine understanding of each other.

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Money forecast
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2016 is so exciting! It brings the rare Transit of Mercury; a moment when the smallest, most elusive planet reveals itself in broad daylight, as a tiny pimple on the face of the Sun. This unusual alignment is thrilling astronomers, who see it as a chance to observe the awesome wonder of our solar system. For astrologers too, it is a hugely important and deeply symbolic event.

We will all be watching, for hours, on May 9, wearing special eclipse-viewing glasses to see this fascinating phenomenon. Even those who live in parts of the world where it is not daytime know that this event has the power to touch the life of everyone, everywhere under the Sun. Mercury is the planet of information. Its moment of imminent illumination suggests we can expect revelations, discoveries and insights that transform the way people think and interact.

As Mercury is the communication planet, this auspicious conjunction will also be a blessing to all who seek better understanding of their loved ones. Mercury is, after all, also a planet of negotiation. Subtly, all our most important personal relationships involve a constant process of trade-off and transaction. And, of course, Mercury also governs commerce. Hence it influences the value we place on events and experiences. The exchanges we're willing to make, the prices we are prepared to pay and the general state of our economy.

Though the great Transit takes place on a single day, it is a pervasive esoteric influence; a stone thrown by the sky into the pond of time, sending out ripples in every direction. It radiates forward to 2017 and back to the world we are entering right now. It is a portent of prosperity, confidence, growth and success. The 'End Of Austerity' that it signifies may not precisely match the vision of social campaigners and complainers worldwide. But it will, nonetheless, herald the start of a prolonged global boom.

For more detail about exactly what the coming year means for you, get your 'Guide to the Future' now.

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