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Aquarius, Saturday, 25 October 2014

Your Week Ahead: Are you in trouble? Not really. But you're dealing with an issue that could prove troublesome. You've always believed that prevention is better than cure... so you figure if you're careful now, you can head off a problem at the pass. But if you're too careful, you may create the very difficulty you are trying to avoid. Relax. Keep one wary eye out, by all means, but don't live and breathe an anxiety or a cause for concern. If you haven't got a determined ability to rise above a source of worry this week, you truly are in trouble!

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: What is the purpose of life? Ah, that's easy. The purpose of life is to wonder what the purpose of life is. If we actually knew, we wouldn't have anything to feel confused about. Life, without confusion, delusion, uncertainty and/or wild obsessive belief would be pretty dull. All the best adventures are never-ending quests. When you reach the top of a mountain, what else is there to do but come back down and find another mountain to climb? It is not a satisfying answer you seek in your emotional life now; it is a satisfying question.

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