Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Pisces, Year Ahead 2016

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General forecast

2016 will be a most encouraging year. But you must remember that opportunity often hovers around us wearing a cloak of invisibility. It only reveals itself if we start looking for it. We are always capable of achieving magic but we have to believe in our own ability. Every time we lose faith, we make it harder for a benevolent universe to be kind to us. The real question to ask this year is not, 'What do my stars have in store?' but, 'How can I make sure those stars give me what I need?'

The rare Transit of Mercury insists that whether what is limiting you is a lack of imagination or a sense of guilt or fear, it is nothing you can't beat. If events cause you to wonder how you missed out or why someone else did better than you, be glad for their gains, not sorry for your loss.

Trust, not only that the universe wants to help you, but that if it helps somebody else, that isn't happening at your expense. That will engender the right kind of understanding, which will become yet one more reason why 2016 ends up being a year of deep delight.

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Love forecast

Often, we define ourselves too much by our involvements with others. We say, 'Well, this person expects this of me and I wouldn't be who I was if it weren't for my obligation to that individual.' That's all fine and natural yet if we base too much of our own sense of identity on such ideas, we begin to forget who we really are deep down inside. For the sake of our spirits, we need to nurture an appreciation of who we were before we came to this world and who we will be when, one day, it is time to move on.

Events in 2016 will make you conscious of the opportunity to strengthen an existing involvement. That may be with a member of your family, a close friend or with someone with whom you are romantically intertwined. It isn't obvious who that could be. But that will become clear soon enough. It will also become clear that if you go with what's positive about this potential involvement, there is an opportunity to broaden your own sense of who you are and what you are doing in this world. As you respect and recognise the true depth and magic of your own inner spirit you will become able to inject a level of freedom into a set of circumstances which might otherwise seem onerous. Where you now feel caught up in something that you can't fully escape, soon you will see a way to change a situation. The forthcoming Transit Of Mercury will have a big impact on your whole year in that it continually shows you how it is possible to facilitate change without pain!

You can move on from the past without some great sense of misgiving or discomfort. You need not feel that the only way to improve your current romantic or emotional life is to do something drastic with difficult consequences. There is a way to gently turn a situation upside down and inside out. This year, the sky offers to help you become the one who is in charge of your own destiny, who can take control of how relationships develop and unfold and make sure good things happen, just through the sheer force of love, hope and positivity you exude.

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Money forecast

Never has a human being ever been born who has found that all matters monetary come easily to them. Even those born with silver spoons in their mouths, discover that they have to keep them from tarnishing, guard against cutlery thieves and deal with the consequences of people not liking them because of their spoon. The spoon or the great cosmic gift that the heavens have for you this year, is going to be worth a lot.

Largely because of the rare transit of Mercury, the whole of 2016, for you is about developing your ability to communicate, increasing your ability to explain things, exploring your ability to share information and accumulating knowledge which turns out to be of great value. It may just be though, that what you have to do, in this coming year, is sell your own ability to solve a particular problem or persuade someone that the knowledge that you have is valuable to them. At some point in your past, you've learned something important. You've discovered, through trial and error, that if you do this, that happens. Though you may feel that this information is so obvious than anybody can see it, it turns out that, actually, you've got a priceless handle on a topic that creates confusion in the minds of many. Having more faith in what you already know, in 2016, could help you to be of great service to a situation, a movement, a cause or an enterprise. Someone will be willing to reward you well for a contribution that only you can make. There is no point in thinking, 'I can't make that much of a contribution. He must be talking to some other Piscean.' Actually, I'm talking to you and I'm talking about something that you do know a lot about.

What you perhaps don't know, is what a difference that could make to someone whose own particular talents and abilities almost oblige them to turn a blind eye to what you've got direct sight of. That's what becomes the pivot of potential, progress. Regardless of how many ups and downs you currently go through or you've been through lately, your fortunes are on the up. Trust that - and trust too, that you deserve it... for you do!

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