Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Taurus, Year Ahead 2016

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General forecast

The rare Transit of Mercury in your sign, this year, brings a revelation about who you really are, what you are supposed to be doing and what truly matters. Lately you have begun to wonder whether certain people really care about what you think. Now, finally, you begin to feel, not arrogant, just sure of yourself. Soon, you will feel able to trust yourself more than ever. People like to be around confident people. That frame of mind is infectious as well as attractive.

This year, people will feel they can share, with you, what is in their heart or on their mind and that you will understand. Growing confidence will also mean you get treated with more respect. More invitations will come your way and more hands of friendship will be extended as more people recognise you can make a worthwhile contribution. In 2016 it becomes easier for you to make ends meet. Many of your worldly, material and financial aspirations will become more attainable.

Wherever you have a heartfelt desire, a dream you want to come true or an aspect of your life you want to change, you'll be blessed with inspiration to pick the right path!

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Love forecast

Our closest involvements and our deepest and most intuitive personal connections often leave us lost for words. Even if we are clear about what we feel, we are perhaps nervous about sharing this, worried whether it will provoke a sharp response or trigger a difficult reaction.

Self-censorship, emerging from such concern, can be how points get missed, subjects get changed, issues get ignored and important details get glossed over. We allude to matters indirectly when we ought to confront them boldly, thus we create endless spirals of misunderstanding.

Yet, just as much as we're caught up in our fears and inhibitions, the people around us are too. We look at them and think, 'Why did you say that?' Or, 'Why didn't you say this?' They can't explain what has motivated them any more than we can explain what has been happening to us. The cycle of insufficient communication carries on, taking us to various points of of frustration and to experiences of deep disappointment.

But what is so exciting about the symbolic implication of this year's Transit of Mercury is that none of the above need be the story of your year, at any level! Not every event that occurs in your life this year, can be linked to the moment when Mercury passes across the face of the Sun in your zodiac sign, in May. But this unusual phenomenon symbolises a change which will affect you all year long and says much about your ability to express what, previously, you have found yourself unable to articulate.

Wherever there is a need for someone to understand someone else better, there is an opportunity for a constructive, enlightening, informative transaction to occur. You may have to work for it and work hard at it. It may not all happen in an instant, but the goal you hope to reach is attainable; more attainable perhaps than ever in your life so far. That is yet going to have the most marvellous impact on your long-term personal outlook.

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Money forecast

This year, the transit of Mercury, in your sign, at the astrological time of greatest importance to every Taurean, is significant and encouraging. That isn't to say there will be a lottery win or a promotion to a high-paying job. Nor will you necessarily invent something so smart that it ends up earning you royalties forever. But there will be changes that are significant and potentially rather wonderful in so far as they enable you to gain a greater relationship of trust with the universe.

Sometimes we can start to feel as if the cosmos doesn't care for us and we must fend for ourselves in an unkind, cruel, world.

It is true that the cosmos sometimes challenges and tests us all; but every human being is here for a purpose. Whenever we attune to that purpose, we will find ourselves being supported. This transit of Mercury will reveal to you something about your very reason for being. With that will come a greater knowledge of what you need to do, and where you need to be. If you are doing what you need to do and being where you need to be, then it will be so much easier to find the answer to the question, 'How can I maintain material equilibrium on the ever-buffeting oceans of financial uncertainty?'

You will begin to relax, breathe out and recognise that you needn't spend so much time defending against possible disaster. You can, instead, spend your precious time on this glorious planet doing something constructive and making a difference. Doing well in the world is not just about feathering your nest - although I'm not saying this can't happen too. But far more important than that, is to get yourself into a position where you can do what's right, work with what you believe in and make a difference that lasts. This world urgently needs sincerity, love, kindness and a real sense of priority. As you give that this year, so you get it back!

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