Your Zodiac Forecasts, from Jonathan Cainer
Your Zodiac Forecasts, from Jonathan Cainer

Gemini, Saturday, 21 November 2015

Your Week Ahead: I don't follow the work of other astrologers as closely as I fear some of my readers do. But I have noticed that some of my colleagues are fond of advising their clients to tell it like it is. 'Speak your mind,' they say. There is rarely a suggestion that this may cause a diplomatic incident. Never do they warn that straight-talking may be the result of twisted thinking. Yet this week's Full Moon in your sign, plus Mercury's conjunction to Saturn, inspires me to say you are right to feel sure of yourself. Be firm but be fair too.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Confidence is contagious. Certainty is seductive. So, if we apply a traditional interpretation to Mercury's current conjunction with Saturn, we extrapolate an indication of your imminent elevation on the Richter scale of appeal. The Full Moon in your sign is another reason why you may yet cause the earth to move for someone. Just be aware though, that when you set off such tremors, you may create irreversible fissures in the fabric of an existing arrangement. It may be wiser to keep away from infamous fault lines!

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