Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

We are all deeply saddened at losing Jonathan. He had a remarkable and unique gift but he does not take it with him... he leaves it with us. He had prepared your forecasts well in advance so you can continue to read them, every day, right here. The advice he has to give you is just as relevant and useful as it has always been.

Libra, Saturday, 21 May 2016

Your Week Ahead: When you are just coasting along in neutral, you achieve impressive success. You are good at what you do, you have special skills and abilities and people tend to like the kind of person that you are. Once in a while, though, it is as if you become supercharged. The heat of enthusiasm builds up within, until a head of steam begins to come out of your ears! You get keen, eager, even passionate about some task you have taken on or a problem you intend to solve. At times like that (and thus in weeks like this) you really do make a difference.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: It seems you are sought after. Someone thinks you are a hot proposition, a desirable commodity, a true collectors item. You, though, may object to being objectified! You may feel you are not so much being wanted for who you are, as seen for what you represent - and that is no recipe for emotional contentment or personal satisfaction. Yet there may be a way to turn such a situation to your distinct advantage. Go beyond what seems wrong and look at what could yet be made very right.

Now, Jonathan did not just prepare sun-sign readings. You should read his personal horoscope reports. Inside you'll find page after page of insights and predictions all about your personality and what's in store for you in the future. It's still as close as you can get you to a one-to-one reading with him. You can download a personal horoscope chart here

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