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Libra, Year Ahead 2023

libra Zodiac Sign

2023 General Horoscope | 2023 Love Horoscope | 2023 Wellbeing Horoscope

You don't have to be a writer to suffer from writer's block. Even if we know where we're heading, and have an idea about the story we want to write for ourselves, working out how to get from one scene to another can be tricky to say the least! As 2023 begins, Mars' change of direction will give you a clearer vision of the route you're taking, but it's the March of Destiny in spring (autumn in the southern hemisphere) that brings the clarity of purpose, plus the tools you need to get you to where you want to go.

As Saturn changes signs (in March) the restrictions that have thwarted your process will start easing. The box you've been forced to think in breaks open and reveals insights and exciting possibilities about the road ahead. And as Pluto takes residence in Aquarius, the power your perception brings leads to the awareness of what to do to move towards success. There's no single formula or magic key. It's by looking deeply at the situations you're involved with, and knowing that you're no longer under pressure to conform to other people's expectations, that you stand a wonderful chance of seeing what you need to see to become who you want to be.

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Libra Love Horoscope 2023

Lucky Jupiter's convergence with your ruler, Venus, at the start of the year, is wonderful news for your relationships. It indicates that any barriers standing between you and someone important can be addressed in a way that will open your heart, and your life, to deeper, more sustaining connections. You're outgrowing an outlook that has held you back from expressing who you are, how you feel, and how much love is in your heart. And as Jupiter changes signs (in May) you'll find the courage to seek ways to grow closer with someone you love.

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Libra Wellbeing Horoscope 2023

Saturn's move into a new celestial home (in March) indicates that it's by calling on your talents that you'll make progress. There will be times when calm and experience are of greater benefit than ambitious determination. While Venus' retrograde phase (in July) means you won't be able to rely on charm alone, it also suggests that you'll be creative enough to find ways to use other skills to demonstrate your abilities and to impress. As long as you have a clear vision, you stand to profit greatly from your efforts. And, if you ensure that the alliances you build are based on mutual respect and shared beliefs, working as part of a team will bring material benefits, and a sense of community that will continue to inspire you throughout the year.

The March of Destiny can transform how you feel about your life. It invites you to see what's seemed 'impossible' as a springboard to unimagined success. When the Eclipses arrive in October, and your birthday rolls around, you'll have discovered new depths to yourself and changed in ways that suit your personal agenda. You'll have the strength and fortitude to be both happy and free.

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