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Scorpio, Saturday, 18 October 2014

Your Week Ahead: If this is Spaceship Earth and we are all passengers on the same vessel, where's the captain? Where's the cockpit? And what is wrong with the public address system? Why don't we ever get unequivocal announcements or instructions? Why does one set of travellers feel sure that they are being given one message while another insists that they have received a contradictory direction? There's a lot that makes no sense now. But still, Mars and Venus insist, that's all the more reason to reach for peace, not conflict.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: When we are tiny babies, we don't ask, 'What am I entitled to?' We don't even enquire about the rules. We just start exploring. We reach for whatever is within our grasp and if this leads us into a precarious position, we don't give the matter a second thought. Then, sooner or later, at some point during our childhood, we finally begin to learn about consequences - after which, everything starts to go downhill. You have lately given more than enough thought to 'what if?' It is time for an adventure. You deserve this!

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