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Scorpio Year Ahead 2024

by Oscar Cainer

scorpio Zodiac Sign

With your ruler, Pluto, moving back and forth between signs in 2023, stability was hard to come by. In 2024, on its final trajectory into Aquarius, the dust begins to settle. And under The Celestial Archer's influence, you'll see how the change and turmoil you've experienced has shaped you into a force to be reckoned with. In 2024 your inner strength will be the superpower you can use to transform your world. By April's Jupiter/ Uranus convergence, you have the determination to courageously pursue your vision and start realising your potential.

Jupiter's change of signs (May) encourages you to explore ways to deepen the bonds that tie you to people. There are untapped resources waiting to be discovered. All it takes is more trust in what you can achieve together. And the more enthusiasm you show, the more your faith will be rewarded. Although revealing your innermost self might feel uncomfortable, working in partnerships has the potential to be more and more enriching as 2024 rolls on.

That's because The Celestial Archer encourages you to feel more positive about the gifts that alliances bring. Venus, the Sun and Mercury's moves opposite The Archer (September) highlight how teamwork can generate the creative environment you've been missing. If you foster progressive collaboration, you'll find the support to take bold, imaginative steps towards achieving your vision.

October's Super Moon Grand Cross enables you to communicate what's in your heart and reap the benefits of sharing your passions. By the time Pluto leaves Capricorn (November), you'll realise how your insecurities were based on shadows that have disappeared. You'll no longer be letting fear govern the choices you make or stop you from committing to relationships you want to explore. The Celestial Archer promises that the stronger your connections to the people that matter in 2024, the brighter your light will shine.

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