Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Scorpio, Year Ahead 2016

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General forecast

You will look back on 2016 with great satisfaction. Life's trials and tribulations will eventually lead to rewards which make a significant difference to the way you feel. Too often, we get our memories and imaginations mixed up. We think about the things which have happened and tell ourselves that our futures will be defined by them. Because we keep our imaginations and our memories in similar parts of our minds, they mix and merge.

But this year starts with Mars in your sign and goes on to bring a rare Transit of Mercury with great symbolic inference for every Scorpio. It turns you into a force for change. Although you might like the idea of becoming a person who wields so much influence and authority, wherever you can achieve consensus, you should try for it, even if it slows down your journey. For too long, something has been stable to the point of stale. Somebody has to lead that journey to progress.

Whether or not that is normally your role, the cosmos now grants you the acumen, and insight necessary to be a person who makes a positive difference to the lives of many other people.

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Love forecast

The rare Transit of Mercury in your opposite sign suggests the main thing you will experience, in 2016, is how a change in the nature of a relationship can change an enormous amount for the better for you. This may (or may not) be all about a current relationship. It may be to do with an understanding of a relationship that happened long ago. Perhaps somewhere, at some point, you interacted with someone and the energy wasn't easy to deal with. Maybe sparks flew, dramas erupted and consequences ensued. Maybe, to some extent you've been reeling ever since. Whether or not that drama is still officially ongoing, it is ongoing in the same sense that, so the physicists tell us, 'the universe is still in the process of expanding from the day of the Big Bang.' Your consciousness is still expanding from the lessons that you learned all that while ago. Your reactions to those lessons, experiences and encounters have shaped your attitude towards relationships ever since.

And not just 'romantic relationships.' That's interactions with others of a social or emotional kind as well. It is true wherever family obligations or issues have somehow restricted your ability to do what could be most constructive and most positive. This year is so extraordinarily hopeful because it's so potentially healing. It is when you gain an understanding of someone, with someone... and an understanding of yourself. Something that somebody says, or something that you learn... or some insight that you have gleaned in a process, enables you to feel free of a burden you've been carrying for far too long.

That will have a healing and helpful effect on your interactions with other people at all levels. It will make you easier to approach and thus it will be easier for you to attract, into your life, the very kind of support, love appreciation and respect that you are so entitled to and so much deserve.

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Money forecast

For you, the key to success, in the coming year, has something to do with the way that you interact with one particular individual. There may be history here or it may be that this is somebody new. Somehow, though, it will be through a combination of teamwork and of intelligent dialogue and discovery that the key to greater stability will be found. By talking something through, by sharing information, by learning what it is that has worked in the past and looking to see where that can be applied towards future benefit, there is the possibility to maximise real opportunity.

An improvement in somebody else's status is also likely to prove advantageous as you journey towards a better material status. It may simply be that someone who was once experiencing a lot of problems, is no longer experiencing them. Or it may be that they've learned valuable lessons from which you can profit too. Someone else is getting enthusiastic and seeing more clearly. Obstacles which once stood in their way and then became burdens for everyone else to carry too, now start to melt away. As their situation improves, so does yours - at least to the extent to which there is some kind of mutual involvement or shared interest. But, it may go deeper than that.

That isn't to say that you are going to be entirely dependent this year on somebody else's fortunes. Just that as you make your own positive progress through the year, you will be helped, more extensively than you expect, by one or two people whose own fortunes have definitely taken a turn for the better. Do, though, be aware that dramas tend to have middles, as well as ends and beginnings, and it may be that the middle of the drama you are caught up in may contain a moment of insecurity before the onset of what can be demonstrably established as better security.

Even so, the rare Transit of Mercury in your opposite sign insists that whatever is unnerving or worrying you now, as we begin the year, will improve significantly as time goes by.

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