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Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

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Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse
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On June 10th, for the first time since 2015, my neighbours and I will be fashioning cardboard cut-out devices and ordering specially adapted sunglasses in order to view a significant partial eclipse. An exciting event like this is a unifying experience and, although we would have to be chilling with Santa Claus in order to see it in totality, the light show we will be treated to in the UK remains culturally significant and its spiritual impact has the potential to be felt worldwide.

Not since 2013 has a Solar Eclipse occurred close to Mercury in retrograde. Back then it floated through African skies in secretive Scorpio making an impact in areas to do with hidden activity that could no longer be ignored. In a year when Lance Armstrong finally admitted his doping activities, the eclipse preceded Iran's signing of a deal to limit its nuclear programme. But while current events will work out somewhat differently, the focus on finding out new information, adjusting ideas and planning for the future will remain the same.

Next week's eclipse brings a rare moment of clarity - a high point in our search for the true meaning of our lives. As it blots out the Sun, it turns the North Pole dark at a time of year when night never arrive. And while, philosophically, its arrival will cause us all to question many things we have previously taken for granted, it will not drive us to new extremes. This Polar Eclipse shines a light on the things we can fix and how we can get things working again. And the insight we gain will ensure we can do the right things to start moving forward again more freely.

Mercury is most famous as being the planet of communication. So, it is often overlooked that it also governs commerce and how we trade and make deals. Traditionally, its retrograde period is not seen as the best time to be making new business agreements. But its convergence with this eclipse represents the opportunity to readdress terms and correct an imbalance. They say a successful negotiation is when both sides get what they want, but neither side is happy. Yet this eclipse is asking us to consider not just our contractual obligations, but our emotional approach; to start building a better relationship with the practicalities of our lives and and how we conduct them. And the more positive our mindset is, the better the results become.

In the days following the Eclipse, Aquarian Saturn will be making the second of its historic links with Uranus this year. Together they are testing the veracity of new systems and ensuring that any progress we make is built on solid foundations. They are also asking us just what we are prepared to do in order to gain freedom. Mars' imminent move into Leo means we may well be desperate to go out and play, but we cannot afford to abandon our responsibilities. Yet if we work hard and do what needs to be done, there are ways we can satisfy the desire that burns in our hearts.

We all need a North Star in our lives, a fixed point by which to navigate. And when life gets confusing and situations arise that cause us to question our understanding, these fundamental principles are what we can turn to. As the Moon passes in front of the Sun, we will all be reminded that the world is constantly changing and that little in life remains constant. But if we keep our eyes on the horizon and hold fast to our course, we will find something that guides us when we lose our way.

This is a time to communicate not just what we want or think, but who we really are. To understand not just what is going on, but also the hidden reasons that lie behind. And to plant the seeds of not just what we want to achieve, but who we want to become. We will start to realise that not everything is as it seems. But instead of viewing this as a threat, we can turn this into an opportunity. For a long time, we have needed to fix something that has been broken. The Polar Eclipse promises that, if we remain true to ourselves and welcome openly the idea of positive change, we can start making plans for a more positive future.

Ladies and gentlemen, please disregard whatever you have been told about the limits and problems now being faced by the world. There can be expansion, growth, positivity and prosperity too! There can also be consciousness and compassion, love and trust, peace and agreement, respect and wisdom. Indeed, not only can there be. There will be. So stop listening to all the reasons why seemingly it can't occur. The journey towards all this starts now. As a celebration we are offering 50% off all Personal Birth Charts... plus, three free tarot readings.

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