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New Moon July 2022
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Chant At The Moon Day

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Some people call today Chant At The Moon Day. Our four-legged friends famously howl at the silver orb too. But the Moon does a far better job of communicating with us than the other way round! And, following last week's Supermoon, we can still take action to advance causes and instigate changes that will improve our lives. Finding truth requires looking beneath the surface and bravely confronting our fears and frustrations. However loud the call for action might be, it's the motivation behind it that holds the key.

The effects of the last Supermoon of 2022 are still with us. Expect the unexpected, the magical, the surprising. People who you thought you knew well, will do things you would never have predicted. Events may take an unexpected turn. Revelations and fresh insights abound. And... just for the Last Supermoon of 2022, 50% Off all Birth Charts, plus a free Personal Profile. (OFFER ENDS TODAY)

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