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- 29 January 2022

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Your February Monthly Horoscope

There are lots of films featuring time loops, but few have achieved the heart-warming success of Groundhog Day. It's the combination of frustrating repetition with the realisation that love subtly changes things that makes it a classic. With the planets creating a similar effect in our skies this month, February will be memorable for the right reasons. Mercury's turn direct brings solutions to repetitive problems, while the unusually long Venus/Mars link promises love. In doing the best we can do, we'll find satisfaction.

We listen to stories every day. On the TV, from friends, when we watch a movie. We can choose to believe or disbelieve, become incensed or simply to enjoy them as entertainment. The best stories, however, are the ones we get to write ourselves! And, with the coming of the year of the Water Tiger, the New Moon - and Venus finally moving forwards, all encouraging a fresh approach, change, if you so desire, is within your grasp. To celebrate the Lunar New Year we are offering 50% OFF your Guide to the Future.

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