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- 3 December 2021

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Total Eclipse

This is the weekend when many people begin putting up their festive decorations. But, even though I'm not a rapper, nor married to Beyonce, I like to imagine that, like Jay-Z (who celebrates his birthday tomorrow), my household holds out on putting the tree up until family birthday celebrations are done. My son has a December birthday too. This weekend however, birthday or no, the Total Eclipse gives us all extra reasons to get creative and have fun. It's a sign of powerful renewal. Let the celebrations begin!

Neptune has been retrograde since late June... and now Neptune has turned "direct".
Why have I put "direct' in quotation marks?
Because planets don't truly travel backwards. They just appear to. Technically, it's an optical illusion. Symbolically, though, it's an event rich with meaning.
But, no matter what sign you are, this has exciting implications for you if you're dreaming a big dream, nurturing a great hope or trying to strike an important deal.
Where, of late, there has been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, humming and hah-ing, waiting and wondering, there's soon going to be a time for sleeve-rolling, doubt-dropping and shoulder-to-the-wheeling!
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