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Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

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- 17 September 2021

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Getting Serious

Love is a heady emotion. Although it causes us to do crazy things and think silly thoughts, as Venus links with Saturn today, the planet of love urges us to get serious about what (or who) we love and care about. That doesn't mean that we can't act wildly or feel passionate; with Uranus and the Moon involved in the cosmic picture, extreme emotions won't be far away. But, if we want relationships to evolve, and remain resilient, any changes we make this weekend need to be made with a sober heart.

The September Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon for a good reason and celebrated across the world, notably in East and Southeast Asian. One way or another, at this time of year, people seem to start reaping what they have sown. And, to celebrate this Harvest Moon, for the next 3 days only, there's a chance to get 50% Off all horoscope charts. Plus experience the Chinese wisdom contained within the I Ching with three FREE Readings.

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