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Your Horoscope

- 21 May 2022

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Your Weekly Horoscope

Is authenticity important? If the pictures in an art gallery evoke emotion and demonstrate artistry, does it matter if they're Rembrandts or Rembr-aren'ts? Art is essentially the expression of universal truths. As the Sun and Mercury converge, and shine a light on the art of communication, it's time to decide whether to paint pretty pictures, or to try to connect on a more meaningful level. Soon after, Mars is at home in Aries. With emotions running high, when passions are expressed, transformation is possible.

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Aries Zodiac Sign


Saturday, 21 May 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: You might start to feel more prosperous this week. You might begin to notice a renewed sense of confidence and comfort. You might realise that you have less to worry about than you thought. The reason I'm saying 'you might', is because of the ancient Roman saying 'astra inclinant non necessitant'. Although the celestial alignments nudge us, they don't force us to do anything against our will. With your ruler, Mars, soon entering your sign, where Venus, the planet of love, awaits, your outlook's looking good. Now is the right time for you to take an in-depth, up close and personal look at your life. To get your full horoscope based on your date, time and place of birth, click here.

Taurus Zodiac Sign


Saturday, 21 May 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: It's not only people involved in the arts who have powerful imaginations. We're all capable of conjuring up fantastical scenarios. In fact, it's a natural coping strategy we develop so that we're able to handle life's challenges. When our reality is monotonous, we counteract by finding an alternative way of looking at it. The downside, is that sometimes we get so caught up in our fictitious version of events, that we don't realise that the reality is better than our fantasy. This week, you wake up to discover something worth celebrating. And one last thing, if you haven't yet had a full personal chart reading, calculated from your date of birth, you've been missing out. Change your future... click here!

Gemini Zodiac Sign


Saturday, 21 May 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: Promises. We like them so much. Interestingly, it seems that more than making them ourselves, we like it when other people make promises to us. We like this so much that we don't always care what the promise is about. The problem, is that we get so used to empty promises that we lose hope of any of them coming to fruition. Or we remain idealistic, clinging on to anything that looks vaguely promising in the hope it will turn out to be true. This week, your ruler's link with the Sun enables you to take action that turns a promise into a reality. Oh, by the way, your full birth chart, calculated from your date of birth will tell you far more about what's in store and how to make it work for you. Click here!

Cancer Zodiac Sign


Saturday, 21 May 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: People say life is a dance. This may resonate with you this week, particularly if you think of it like one of those elegant dances from the era of TV's Bridgerton, when instead of boogying away to the music, there was an elegance and routine involved. Sometimes, the participants are required to take two steps forwards and one back. Recently, you've been travelling in a forwardly direction. Just because you've got to take a brief step backwards this week doesn't mean that you're not involved in a delightful, fun, collective process. But wait, there's more to you than your sun-sign reading. You should read your personal horoscope report. Inside you'll find page after page of insights and predictions all about your personality and what's in store for you in the future. You can download a personal horoscope chart here

Leo Zodiac Sign


Saturday, 21 May 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: Eat more nutritious food. Switch off the screen a bit earlier and get more sleep. Listen to the needs of your body and give yourself the nourishment (physical, spiritual and mental) that it's crying out for. You're experiencing the classic signs of having too much on your plate. You're trying to please too many people and, as a result, your own needs have been put to the bottom of the pile. You've set your standards impossibly high. This week, as Mars changes signs, you can take the pressure off. A happier you will emerge. Phew. Once you have had your chart cast, you can then go on to look at where the planets are right now - and where they will be in the next twelve months.

Virgo Zodiac Sign


Saturday, 21 May 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: Be considerate, be gentle and be big-hearted. if you need to draw a line, draw it firmly but delicately. Where it's possible to give the benefit of the doubt, do so. Where you can't, be clear. With your ruler, Mercury, empowered by the Sun, there's tangible energy in the air. You'll feel it at work this week. And you'll see evidence of the fact that it's working in your favour. Look for the easiest way to achieve what you want to achieve. If it's achievable, you'll get it without having to try too hard. If it's not, you can move on with ease. The cosmic blueprint of your life was written in code across the sky at the moment you were born. Click here!

Libra Zodiac Sign


Saturday, 21 May 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: Another week, another balancing act. Another reason to contemplate a decision. Another banana skin to step over. Another obstacle to find a way around. Another fragile situation to protect. You're embroiled in a challenging situation. It's highly probable that you're about to encounter more sources of excitement and/or frustration. Are you ready for another one of those weeks? If you want to avoid any dramas, do your best to stay calm. As long as you remember not to take anything (or anyone) too seriously, it can be fun. Wish you could fulfil more of your potential? A Personal Profile, based on your exact date of birth, reveals your secret gifts and blessings. Click here!

Scorpio Zodiac Sign


Saturday, 21 May 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: You need to find a proper solution. You don't want a quick fix. Well.... actually, that's not quite true. An easy way out of this situation would suit you perfectly. But you have a feeling that there's a reason why you need to follow a more complicated route. And you're right. This week, as dynamic Mars arrives in its celestial home, it highlights one clear option. And, with Mercury (insight) being empowered by the Sun, it's the wisest path to take. It might not feel convenient. But you'll be glad that you didn't compromise your integrity. Want to know more about what your future holds? Let me calculate your full personal horoscope from your exact date, time and place of birth. Click here!

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign


Saturday, 21 May 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: All the best fairytales and mythological adventures contain monsters who guard entrances to magical realms. The dragon protecting the cave of treasure. The giant at the top of the beanstalk. The minotaur at the heart of the labyrinth. The heroes of these stories must find ingenious ways, armed with little more than good intentions, to conquer these beasts. Is this reminding you of a situation you're dealing with? If you face a challenge that feels daunting, this week brings the creativity to deal with it... and create a happy ending. But wait, there's more to you than your sun-sign reading. You should read your personal horoscope report. Inside you'll find page after page of insights and predictions all about your personality and what's in store for you in the future. You can download a personal horoscope chart here

Capricorn Zodiac Sign


Saturday, 21 May 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: 'I've got no strings to hold me down, to make me fret or make me frown'. If only life were so simple! Who needs strings anyway? They just tie us down and force us into positions we don't want to be in. Of course, this tale reminds us of life's inevitable complications: Pinocchio's world becomes much more complex when he turns into an actual child. Which is why we sometimes prefer to be kept dangling. It's easier. But, you don't shirk from taking on responsibilities. What you're doing now, will soon bring a delightful reward. Learn the hidden secrets of the planets and how they affect your life and shape your future. Start your journey of self-discovery here!

Aquarius Zodiac Sign


Saturday, 21 May 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: There are some truly ghastly songs that have been worldwide chart-toppers. And there are dreadful films that take the box-office by storm. And think about some of the ridiculous people who are elected to lead their countries. Honestly... it just goes to show you how much you can rely on 'popular taste' and going along with everyone's 'good' ideas. You're an Aquarian. You're not afraid to challenge convention. This week, as Mars moves into its celestial home, you owe it to yourself to be strong and do what's in your heart. To discover who you truly are, what makes you tick, and what's just around the corner, you need a full personal horoscope report. Change your future... change your life with an amazingly accurate personal report now!

Pisces Zodiac Sign


Saturday, 21 May 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: It's interesting how much longer it takes to cook a decent meal than it does to consume it. Similarly, for the vast majority of us, it takes much longer to make money than it does to spend it. But, you can only eat one thing at a time. And you can only spend money once before it's gone. You're waiting for a moment of fulfilment. You've invested lots of precious time and energy into something, and you're ready to savour the sweet taste of satisfaction. There's a treat in store for you this week. Take your time. Enjoy. To understand the world you must first understand yourself. There's so much more to your story than your Sun-sign. A full horoscope reading based on your birth details will give you the whole picture... and may just change your life. Download yours now!

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