Discover how the position of the planets in the sky at the moment of your birth have affected you throughout your life - and how they can guide you to a brighter future.

When you read a full horoscope report, based on your birth-details, you will be presented with a unique picture about who you are and why you are, along with fascinating predictions and advice about you (and you alone).

All you need to do is supply your birth details. (It doesn't matter if you don't know your actual time of birth).

Choose from the following:

Guide to the Future 2018

Your next 12 months in amazing detail. Every major (and minor) astrological influence that will affect you personally. Not what's in store for your sign... but what's in store for you and how you can make the most of every moment. * now specially extended to run right until the end of 2018

Personal Profile

A fascinating, in-depth look at what those cosmic forces really did have in mind for you when you first came into the world. Your Moon sign, rising sign, Your love life, your luck, your challenges and your chances. Understand them. Make the most of them! Change your life!

Partnership Profile

What's really going on between you and your partner. How can you maximise the attraction, minimise the friction and really make your unique, special relationship as magical as it has the cosmic potential to be?

7 Year LifeMap

The big, long term astrological influences that are due to affect your personal birth chart over the next seven years. Discover the cosmic plan and put yourself in a brilliant position to negotiate with fate.

Your chart reading will be calculated and delivered online in less than an hour. You will be able to read the many pages of your detailed report via your browser and also as a high-quality downloadable file, for you to keep and enjoy forever.

Plus! Receive a FREE 14 Days 5 Star Membership token, and try out the amazing 5 Star 'Astro-Alerts', with no obligation!

You can also have a printed, bound version of your chart sent to you by post. This can take up to 28 days to deliver depending on where in the world you live. More details here.

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Guide to the Future
Three Month Guide US$11.45
(usual price US$15.45)
Six Month Guide US$19.45
(usual price US$25.95)
12 Month Guide US$28.95
(usual price US$38.95)
(this chart only, specially extended to run
until the end of 2018!)
Personal Profile
Personal Profile US$21.45
(usual price US$28.45)
Partnership Profile
Partnership Profile US$24.95
(usual price US$33.45)
7 Year Life Map
7 Year Life Map US$33.95
(usual price US$45.45)

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