Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Libra, Year Ahead 2016

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General forecast

This year, you begin to understand where your advantages are and what might be working against you. In the past you have confused what's good for you with what's not so beneficial! We all think to ourselves, 'Oh, I'm good at this.' Or, 'Here, I'm out of my depth.' The world divides, on a kind of inner weighing scale, into things which make us feel lighter and things which burden us.

But sometimes we end up putting some aspect of our life into the wrong category. The older we get, the less inclined we feel to experiment. History doesn't always repeat itself. Yet the one thing we can always say for sure about the new is that we don't know what it will bring. In 2016, the rare Transit of Mercury suggests you need to look at what you once may have wanted to look away from. There may well be an alternative available to to you that's better or wiser, more productive or more fulfilling.

Simply by allowing yourself to consider that, you are taking a big, brave, step into a potentially better future. The more you experiment, the more rewarded you will be.

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Love forecast

Sometimes, when we contemplate our romantic life, or consider the emotional exchanges we have with our loved ones, or meditate on the meaning of our social life... we forget something. We focus mainly on other people's actions, reactions, and responses, yet we see them as, somehow, disconnected from us. In theory, we understand that people tend to emulate one another, mirroring moods and reflecting attitudes but emotionally, it is as if we have a blind spot. We know there must be some kind of connection between our own behaviour and the behaviour of others... but we can't quite see what it is - or how it is working - or how, therefore, we may be able to change this. We actually hold much more sway and influence than we recognise. Accidentally rendering ourselves oblivious to this, we end up blaming others for things that are actually entirely within our own power to fix.

Whenever there's a contentious matter in your personal life, the The issue at stake will never actually have anything to do with 'blame' or 'fault'. We should never focus on that. It will never bring us clarity or resolution. The question is (and should always be) 'what's possible?' Long before this year's rare transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun takes place... and long after it is over, this unusual astrological configuration will have an impact on your personal and emotional life in that it will somehow, inspire you to ask, 'What can I do?' or 'How can I take more constructive steps to bring love and harmony to my personal life?'

Somehow, slowly but surely this year, you will see that something good CAN happen. You can make it happen by being willing to go beyond what appears to be an insurmountable obstacle. Whatever it is that you think you can't change, you can. That's what is exciting about your astrological outlook in 2016. Reach for the brightest, most inspiring vision of what could be possible in the realm of the heart this year and you will find a way to make it a reality!

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Money forecast

Your journey to success this year involves a process through which you deal with something that somebody else doesn't want to deal with. 'What's new there?' you may say, 'Do I not spend a large portion of my life, regardless of what year it is, doing things that others don't want to do and putting up with things they probably wouldn't stand for?'

Perhaps so. But this doesn't always amount to a reward of a tangible nature. It isn't inevitable that in going further than you might be expected to go in the call of duty, the universe will compensate you. Or at least, not materially. But this year... the outlook is a little different. I am not promising that some exceedingly generous gesture or some rare, fortuitous development will transform your life overnight. But life will bring an opportunity to set out down a road which leads slowly but surely, towards a distinct betterment of material status! Regardless of what stress you may be under, how difficult 2015 has been, how much you may currently be worrying about or how anxious you are to hear reassuring news, there's hope on the horizon. You will be helped to get yourself into a better position.

And you will get to that position faster and more enjoyably, if you relax. Stop regretting things that have happened, blaming yourself for decisions that have been made or feeling unhappy about the part that other people have had to play in creating an undesirable situation. Just keep your eye on where you need to go next and focus on getting there in a spirit of positivity.

Remember the old saying, 'the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.' Remember, too, the tendency that we all have to give up when things are trickiest or most demanding. Whether you have recently begun to suspect that you are at the darkest hour or whether events this year, temporarily cause you to wonder if you have indeed arrived at such a time, there will be light making its way into your life sooner, and more fully, than you might expect.

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