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leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Eclipse Horoscope

6th May 2023

For ancient rulers, reputation was everything. Commissioning majestic tapestries or parades that heralded them as conquerors was a way of bolstering their image. But as the new king is crowned in a showcase of pomp, it's not foreign armies that pose the institution's greatest threat, but the squabble and scandal within its own ranks. The Coronation Eclipse asks Leos to consider where a majestic front or a grand gesture is pulling focus from something more fundamental that needs addressing. This is not to suggest that your efforts so far have been in vain, or that your goals have been misguided. But there are a deeper issue that cannot be ignored. By re-examining your roots, what you can achieve will become apparent. And by understanding where you're coming from you will realise when you're trying to meet someone else's impossible expectations, and what must change to ensure you're pursuing your own agenda. Your new goals might not be greeted with a fanfare. But with the lion-hearted courage the cosmos now grants you, you can get more of what you truly desire.

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