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For the week starting:
Sunday, 18 February 2024

Full Moon in Virgo

by Jemima Cainer

This week the Moon is in her Waxing phase, growing more full each night. The upcoming full Moon in Virgo is allowing us to get a sense of order back from anything which has been in disarray. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and the Moon in this sign brings analytical wisdom to matters of our emotions. This full Moon is guiding us towards seeing what can be learnt from the information we now have. How can we now begin to put things into a practical order which serves us?

Step by step, the Moon's wisdom this week is showing us that when we think clearly and choose wisely we can heal and be healed. Life's journey is rarely straight. Even when we are faced with uncertainty and have suffered through painful times, we can make a choice to do what is right and to show kindness. Compassion comes through taking time to understand. This week is offering an emotional reset for a future which allows for healthier communication.

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