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Lilibet "Lili" Diana Mountbatten-Windsor

Congratulations Harry and Meghan on the birth of their daughter Lilibet!

Welcoming a new life is a cause for celebration and excitement. And inevitably we all start to wonder who this little person is and what they will choose to do in the world. Casting a chart for a baby is something that should be approached with caution, especially for parents. There is always a chance it can become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Children must be afforded the freedom to react to planetary influences their own way without falling into predefined roles and expectations. But looking on from afar, it does not hurt to speculate on the life Lili may go on to lead. And as I go on to explain below, however it unfolds, her journey through this world will be fascinating!

Lilibet "Lili" Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. It's a name that carries the weight of history. But when I look at her birth chart, there's a good chance it's been given to a child who doesn't want to let it define her. Though the little bundle of joy is currently being kept at arms-length from the prying eyes of the world's press, it seems unlikely to me that she'll grow up to be a shrinking violet. With all but two planets in the public side of her chart, this isn't someone who's going to be shy about expressing her feelings. She will be keen to make her mark and have an impact. And with the gifts bestowed upon her by the Cosmos, combined with the position she has been born into, there's little doubt in my mind that she'll do just that.

Geminis are rarely reluctant communicators. The sign is ruled by the messenger planet Mercury, and these quick-thinking individuals aren't usually short of an opinion. It's just that this thinking can be SO quick, the mental arithmetic they can performs changes their minds faster than others can track. That can lead to some unfair accusations about trustworthiness. But those able to follow this speed of thought know that this is not really the case. So, while Lili may be understood by those on her wavelength, she will need a thick skin to weather the criticisms of people who don't really understand her. And with her Mercury in retrograde, there will be plenty who just cannot keep up!

Royalty and Eclipses Royalty and Eclipses seem to go hand in hand. Traditionally they are seen as a bad omen - ever since Henry 1st died at a Solar Eclipse. But the truth about Eclipses is that they signal renewal and the beginning of a new cycle. With Harry still coming to terms with the death of his grandfather, the eclipse this week that's coincided with the arrival of his daughter also falls on what would have been Philip's 100th birthday. William too, was born under a solar eclipse at the Solstice. And just like the throne being passed from one generation to the next, these eclipses represent the torch being passed from one generation to the next.
Yet Lilibet will likely have the grace and leadership to be able to pull this off. With Leo as her rising sign, she will be able to employ a winning playfulness that charms those who doubt her and convinces people to believe her good intentions. And there is no doubt she will feel she has a lot to do, and major undertakings to boot. With her chart ruler in the house that represents ambition and status, she will be highly focused on reaching her goals and being recognised for her achievements. Some of these may be unrealistic. With Neptune and Mercury aligned sharply, there is a chance she may struggle to differentiate between realistic challenges and pie in the sky. But there will be no doubting the how much she believes in her goals, or her determination to pull them off. Though she'll take on a lot, busy people get things done!

That said, being born into a life of relative privilege does not necessarily mean this will come easy. Especially when the scale of what she wants to do starts to become clear. This is not the chart of someone who is willing to accept the status quo. Like many children born this year, she has Saturn, representing hard work and determination, making an intense link with Uranus, the planet of breakthrough change. This is a cohort of kids who will be determined to make the world a better place, no matter what it takes, or how many structures they need to tear down. There is no doubt that this has the potential to cause friction her life. But with Venus in her 11th house harmoniously linked with Jupiter on her Descendant, Lili's inherent likability inspired by a strong sense of fun and generous disposition means she has all she needs to rise above division and be a cure for rancour.

Her Moon in Aries and her Mars in Cancer are placed in each other's signs. That creates a special bond between these two planets akin to being closely aligned. And it points at Lili's emotions being about as easy to control as a herd of elephants being corralled by untamed cats! And this has the potential to sabotage gains made with delicate diplomacy. But while she will sometimes get angry and unleash a volcano, especially when those under her protection are threatened, her love will burn just as bright. And as impulsive as this may make her, it is unlikely she would want it any other way. Because though it may sometimes mean she gets into hot water, this is the sauce that makes her life interesting - and often delicious!

All in all, this is a chart that of someone who is not afraid to rock the boat. Of a rebel WITH a cause but a revolutionary who uses charm to affect change. Those hoping to see her embark on a path of reconciliation with the traditional royal way may well end up disappointed - there is much to suggest her mother will be a hero figure in her life and that she'll look to champion many of the same causes. But the style she adopts may well prove less divisive and, as she matures and becomes a considerable force to be reckoned with, have a positive impact on the world. This isn't the chart of someone who's going to be content with a role behind the scenes. It is someone who recognises the advantages she has been born into and works hard to use her position to good. There is no such thing as an ordinary life. But I for one cannot wait to see how special Lili will be.

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