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The Trail of Fire Eclipse

- 6th May 2023
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Trail of Fire Eclipse

by Oscar and Jemima Cainer

How to harness the power of the Twin Lone Star Eclipses to ignite and excite our relationships.

Auspicious cosmic events rarely offer a spectacular light show. So just because today's Solar Eclipse takes place over Texas, (the Lone Star state), doesn't mean we won't all be affected by the fiery ring of light that's visible there today. As the Moon passes in front of the Sun (the lone star) it turns day into night - which makes it easy to understand why eclipses used to be seen as portents of doom. But this one is the exact opposite. Why? Well, eclipses are a bit like lightning: they rarely strike in the same place twice. What makes this one extra special is that with a second eclipse occurring in the same spot next April, today's Lone Star Eclipse ignites a Trail of Fire, which has the potential to positively impact all our lives. The Trail of Fire focuses on relationships. Its fiery energy provides the potential to create changes that improve our world and our lives.

Helping me explore the ways each star sign can harness the power of the Trail of Fire I'm delighted to introduce you to Jemima Cainer. Jonathan's daughter, an established astrologer (and my cousin), works closely with the Moon's energy and brings her own take on the impact of the Trail of Fire. It's the first of what we hope will be many collaborations. So perhaps the eclipse's first gift is to establish the beginning of what I'm sure will be a wonderful, creative partnership!

Jemima writes: With the Trail of Fire beginning in Libra (ruled by Venus, the planet of love, pleasure and harmony), today's eclipse focuses on how we relate to the key people in our world. These Lone Star Eclipses are anything but lonely: they reflect and refine the New Moon energy in ways that promote healing and harmonious connections. They provide a lens of perspective that we can use to calmly, and thoughtfully assess the menu of our relationships and make informed choices about what we like, and don't like. This is a unique opportunity to see ourselves for who we are and transform our connections so that they're mutually more enjoyable and satisfying.

Oscar writes: Both Lone Star Eclipses are influenced by Saturn, the Great Cosmic Teacher. This wise planet controls the balance of flavours, encouraging us not to get carried away and over-season (or dilute) the balanced recipe that makes relationships special. Although the Trail of Fire encourages a fresh approach, Saturn helps us preserve and appreciate the special qualities of our connections, and add to them in ways that make them even more nourishing.

Jemima: Any good baker knows the importance of balancing the ingredients. Sticking to a recipe allows the different components to work together to create a healthy dynamic, with the potential to make something delicious. Without a recipe, there's a risk we'll end up with a disappointing result - when the ingredients aren't well-balanced, we can't rise to our full potential. At the start of the Trail, Mars and Saturn provide sustained energy and resilience. There's a difference between coping with the heat of the kitchen, and being able to thrive; and their energy helps us recognise that to meet our deepest needs, we have to be able to face the inevitable challenges relationships bring.

Oscar: The Trail of Fire brings a long-term boost of cosmic energy that encourages new kinds of connections to combine to produce more sustaining relationships. Through a process of redesigning and reframing, we can find ways to express the truest versions of ourselves and construct the healthy boundaries needed for hearts to grow. This Lone Star Eclipse helps us understand how to honour our own needs and ensure we're not catering to someone else's whims. It's when we stop focusing on satisfying unreasonable demands, and free ourselves from expectations, that we can realise our full potential. And share it with those we love.

Jemima: Communication is key. With encouragement from Venus and Mercury (each exploring the other's sign), truths can be spoken in ways that prevent bridges being burnt. Personal needs have to be voiced if they're to be met. It's about speaking from the heart. The Trail of Fire offers a shift of perspective that enables us to embrace the possibility of change and seize opportunities that make a real difference and improve our lives.

Oscar: As the Trail of Fire winds its way towards next April's eclipse, we can look forward to more optimism, energy, determination and inventiveness: tools that help us cook up breakthroughs in all sorts of situations (not just our love lives). It encourages us to plant seeds that grow to provide the support we've yearned for, never realised we could have, and wouldn't want to do without. We can free ourselves from dynamics that have weighed us down and stopped us becoming the best versions of ourselves. The impact of this first Lone Star Eclipse is a moment worth celebrating in its own right. But over the coming months, as the Trail of Fire heads towards 2024's second eclipse, we'll discover how powerful its transformative effects can be.

Imagine standing on the banks of a river, feeling the cool breeze and watching the ripples in the water. This eclipse is like a stone being dropped into that river, creating new patterns and currents. It will shake things up and bring about a new chapter in your life, especially in matters of love and relationships. We invite you to celebrate this Solar Eclipse with us and take up our truly awesome offer of a completely free "Personal Profile" Birth Chart (for yourself or to gift to a friend), plus three Free Tarot and I Ching readings with every order ...Along with a 50% discount on all Full Horoscope Charts, make this special moment one worth remembering.

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